Jul 4, 2005

Computer And Video Games That YOU Will Enjoy

If you have the time to play some computer or video games (or know someone who does), there is a wonderful company called Popcap. I do not have the hand-eye coordination to play my husband's video games so Popcap was made for me.

My all-time favorite video game is Tetris, the one where you fit differently shaped tiles that fall from the top into rows at the bottom. Popcap's Bejeweled and Chuzzle are somewhat similar to Tetris, in that you're matching colored jewels or chuzzles. If I'm not careful, I can Chuzzle away a whole afternoon without realizing it. Another great game is Bookworm. You link up letter tiles to create words and eventually become Supreme Bookworm. It's a good game for teaching kids new words, too.

The best part is, you don't have to pay for these games - you can play all of them online for free and even download them to your desktop or Palm Pilot (Chuzzle is currently available only as a demo because it's new but eventually it should be available for free like the others). You can also buy a game card for your Palm.

Bookworm is also available for the Gameboy Advance. I've played through entire plane flights.

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