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  • My Philosophy


    There are major and minor components to getting your life – and in particular, your finances – in order.

    Major components include establishing a spending plan (budget), long-term goals (retirement savings, your kids’ education fund), a will, and life insurance.

    Minor components include your day to day spending (impulse vs. planned purchases), accumulation of items, and the odd incoming dollar.

    I believe that both the major components and minor components are key to financial success. You need to settle the big picture so that the little things have meaning. But you need to do the little things in order to make the big picture a reality.

    Here at Chief Family Officer, I discuss both the major and minor components – but as in real life, the minor components come up more often because they are more involved in our day to day living. That’s why I share the hot deals of the day, coupons, my weekly meal plan, and other savings and income opportunities. My own accounts are proof that little savings add up to big savings.

    But you can also find information on the major components like money management, insurance, and more.

    There’s more to your family life than just finances, which is why I also share parenting tips, product recalls, recipes and more, to help you achieve financial freedom and family bliss.