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  • Family Finance Guide Downloads


    I’m so happy you’re here, because it means you’re ready to put together a Family Finance Guide in the event you’re not able to pay the bills or fulfill your other duties as your family’s Chief Financial Officer. Download and fill in the pages below, and then put them in a three-ring binder or load them onto a flash drive. Make sure someone in the family knows about the Guide!

    List of Bank Accounts: Word Document or PDF

    List of Credit Cards: Word Document or PDF

    List of Loans: Word Document or PDF

    List of Insurance Policies: Word Document or PDF

    List of Regular Bills: Word Document or PDF

    Answers to Common Security Questions: Word Document or PDF

    List of Family Members & Their Important Stats: Word Document or PDF

    In addition to the pages above, you may want to include copies of important documents, such as:

    • Your will(s)
    • Power(s) of Attorney
    • Birth Certificates
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Social Security Numbers
    • Passports