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  • Family Resolution: Use my new voice recorder

    One my holiday gifts was the SanDisk Sansa e280 MP3 Player.Marc picked it because I had asked for an MP3 player, and also mentioned several times that I would love to have a digital voice recorder to capture the gems that Alex spouts on a regular basis. The voice recorder idea was inspired by an old Thingamababy post, and I was thrilled that the Sansa has a built-in recorder.

    Of course, I’ve now had the recorder for close to a month (it was a Hanukkah gift) and have yet to use the voice recorder feature. I haven’t even read the instructions for it. And there have been more than a few occasions when I’ve thought, I need to record that! Like when Alex was singing “Jingle Bells” every day – few things are cuter than a little boy belting out “laughing all the way” followed by “ha-ha-ha”!

    So there you have my family resolution for the year: Use my voice recorder. Often. Because there are going to be memories that ought to be preserved forever.