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    What are you making for Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving 2013

    Thanksgiving is less than a week away now, so I’m wondering what’s on your menu.

    My mother-in-law makes a great turkey, and she’ll also make the stuffing, gravy and green beans. My father-in-law is picking up the pies. So that leaves me with the fun stuff:

    Sweet Potato Casserole from Cooking Light

    Streuseled Sweet Potato Casserole – I’ve been making this Cooking Light recipe for almost ten years now! {that’s their photo, not mine}

    Macaroni and Cheese – Because the kids won’t eat turkey … {I’ll have to take a photo this time}

    Cauliflower Puree from Martha Stewart

    Cauliflower Puree – This Martha Stewart recipe is another one I’ve been making for about ten years. It’s a nice substitute for mashed potatoes, and a favorite of my husband and his dad. {again their photo, not mine – I don’t garnish so mine never looks this pretty … maybe I’ll change that this year!}

    I will probably also make popovers or Yorkshire pudding, since the kids like them, and some kind of roasted vegetable. The sweet potatoes and mac and cheese can be prepared ahead of time, and then baked the day of, so that makes things easier. {I have to make sure I have time to hit the drugstores before I start cooking!}

    What’s on your menu this year?

    Turkey image via by watipron.

    Save Money Later by Investing in a Security System Now

    This post is brought to you by Supercircuits. Consideration was received for the editing and publishing of this post. Read CFO’s full disclosure here.

    You come home from a long day at work, only to find your front door open ever so slightly. Once you get inside, your stomach drops. Family pictures shattered, computers torn out from the wall, your jewelry box lying on the floor, empty. Unfortunately, most people don’t invest in a home security system until it’s too late.

    Back in 2010, American citizens lost roughly 4.6 billion to robbery – with 70% of robberies being committed in residential areas. That means the average monetary amount lost was $2119 per person – a substantial sum for an average sized family. Monetary value isn’t the only thing that matters – if someone steals your laptop, for example, they also steal all of the material you have on it – family photos, banking documents and other sensitive information.

    Here are a few ways a home security system will help you:


    When a burglar scouts properties, they look for two things: the estimated value of material inside the property, and if any security is present. If they see a collection of cameras watching various entrances, they are more likely to skip over your home and find an easier target. In fact, 9 out of 10 convicted burglars have said they would not attack a home if there was an obvious security presence. Why take the risk?

    Faster Response Time

    If you’re living alone with a health issue, a security system can save your life. If you have some form of security system, a wireless transmitter may be provided. When you have a health emergency, you can press a button on this transmitter to send an instant message asking for help.

    If you’re dealing with a home invader and you don’t have access to your phone, a security system may have a two-way radio that lets you connect directly with an operator. This helps the police get to your home as quickly as possible.

    Home Insurance Discount

    As mentioned earlier, having video security acts as a burglar deterrent. Insurance companies know this, and will frequently lower your insurance because of it. Once you have a home security system, you’ve eliminated some of the risks that others face, and as such, your insurance company will pass the benefit on to you.

    Smoke and Fire Detection

    You’d expect video security to protect you against burglars and home invaders, but did you know it can also keep your family safe from smoke and fire? Many security systems are all encompassing – designed to deal with break-ins, fires, and other issues you may have. For example, your security system can be designed so that it sends a message to police when an entry is breached or when your smoke detector goes off unchecked.

    Ultimately, investing in video security is one of the best financial decisions you can make. The security system will deter potential criminals, call for aid if necessary, and give you tremendous peace of mind. Home security isn’t just a financial investment, it’s an investment in the future safety of you and your family.

    About Supercircuits

    Supercircuits is the security industry’s trusted leader for cutting-edge security technologies and surveillance solutions—from HDcctv/HD-SDI and IP video surveillance solutions, to hidden cameras and wireless and IP-based access control systems. Supercircuits has over 23 years’ of experience in the security industry and offers customers the largest selection of fully-integrated, high quality surveillance solutions available today. Learn more at, and connect with them on Twitter, at FacebookGoogle+ and LinkedIn.

    Cards And Character: Bingo gaming etiquette

    This is a guest post.

    Win a prize, win some friends too

    No matter where you are in the world, you have to adhere to different social etiquettes as a way of respecting other people’s rights. For instance, The New York Times said in one article that forming a line is one of the few overlooked ways to be polite to the people who were on that particular place before you. Meanwhile, being on time especially during professional meetings is a universally accepted standard which should never be broken. While etiquette varies from one place to another, it is much trickier to act in accord to melting pots — such as bingo halls, for instance. So in case you want to go out with your Cheekybingo buddies to a live bingo game, here are some social tips you should keep in mind:

    Keep your voice down. This is the first rule of bingo etiquette. Although bingo is a social game and you will eventually find a friend or two after a few rounds, one thing you must always remember is to keep your voice to a minimal level — even the most seasoned veterans of the game hush down before the game begins. Piping down during the game allows you to hear the numbers — and avoid enemies on the floor, as well.

    Avoid parroting the numbers. Before the age of high-definition displays and LCD projectors, other players would repeat the numbers yelled by the announcer for those who missed the call. Unfortunately, this act is no longer irrelevant since bingo halls are now equipped with projectors so even the players at the far end of the room can see what’s just been drawn. Parroting the numbers is not just distracting, but it is also downright annoying.

    When in doubt, don’t shout. Before you inhale a lungful of air and scream “bingo” at the top of your lungs, make sure that you just hit the jackpot. Remember, people will look daggers at you once they realize that you haven’t really won.

    Share a seat, win a friend. While you often see this notice at restaurants, this also holds merit at bingo halls. Sharing a seat will not just make you win friends, but will also prove that you have good values. Incidentally, don’t hesitate to give up your chair once a player asks for his or her “lucky seat.”

    Consideration was received for the publication of this post.

    Kleenex brand Supports Healthy Schools and Kids

    This post is brought to you in partnership with Kleenex brand, which is donating Kleenex to our local school. You can read CFO’s full disclosure here.


    I’ve been asked to let you know that Kleenex brand is supporting healthy kids and schools this back to school season in two ways:

    ~ Kleenex brand is continuing its tradition of leadership through innovation with new Kleenex Everyday Tissue with Sneeze Shield, which is now thicker and more absorbent to help keep the wet stuff off kids’ hands. Plus they come in a variety of portable and convenient package sizes, perfect for tossing in backpacks.

    ~ Kleenex brand is the only facial tissue that participates in Box Tops for Education, donating a total of $13MM to date. Parents can support their schools by purchasing Kleenex Tissue with Box Tops for the kid’s classroom. And most recently, Kleenex brand is donating 250,000 eBoxTops to three winning schools as part of the sweepstakes.

    There was a coupon for $0.50 off 3 Kleenex or 1 multipack in the 8/11 Smart Source, and there are lots of sales on Kleenex this time of year thanks to Back to School sales. So be sure to clip your Box Tops and turn them into your school – they can add up to big bucks!