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  • Swagbucks Updates: Mega Swag Bucks Friday, Upcoming Giveaway, and More

    As you may know, Swagbucks is by far my favorite way to earn free money, and on Fridays, there’s an increased chance of winning big Swag Bucks. Plus, don’t forget your daily Swag Buck for taking the Daily Poll, and another daily Swag Buck for using their toolbar.

    If you’re new to Swagbucks and join using my referral link this month, I’ll get the chance to give away a $50 gift card to one lucky CFO reader, courtesy of Swagbucks! Plus, you’ll be able to easily earn FREE gift cards to Amazon and other popular stores. I regularly earn $100+ per month via Swagbucks, and most of my Swag Bucks don’t come from referrals. Rather, my Swag Bucks come through the simple tasks outlined here and here.

    Don’t forget that right now, and through September 1, you can earn bonus Swag Bucks by winning the school-themed Collector’s Bills through search. I just completed the first set of elementary bills yesterday, so I’m looking forward to the high school bills, which start on Monday. I hope you’ve gotten the complete elementary set as well!

    Thank you if you join(ed) Swagbucks using my referral link!

    Swag Code Alert!

    Enter Swag code southpaw by 5:30 p.m. PDT for 5 Swag Bucks!

    If you’re new to Swagbucks, find out why it’s my favorite way to earn free money!

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    New Swagbucks Collector’s Bills!

    Swagbucks is launching their latest set of Collector’s Bills tomorrow (8/12). And for the first time, they’re running three sets of Collector’s Bills consecutively … which means triple the chances for BONUS Swag Bucks! For each set you complete (remember, these bills are winnable only through Search!), you get an automatic 10 Swag Buck Bonus.

    The three sets are all Back to School Collector’s Bills, and will be released as follows:

    • Elementary Bills – Start: Monday 8/12 00:00 Expire: Sunday 8/18 23:59
    • High School Bills – Start: Monday 8/19 00:00 Expire: Sunday 8/25 23:59
    • University Bills – Start: Monday 8/26 00:00 Expire: Sunday 9/1 23:59

    You can see how many Collector’s Bills you’ve won by checking the “My Swag Bucks” area of your Account Info, and clicking on the “Collector’s Bills” tab.

    If you haven’t starting earning free gift cards using Swagbucks, learn why it’s my favorite way to earn free money!

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    Swagbucks Update: New Collector’s Bills + Quick Earning Tip

    My favorite free money site Swagbucks periodically has a promotion where you can win specially designed bills and get extra Swag Bucks for winning them all. Starting tomorrow (7/1), the newest set of Swagbucks Collector’s Bills will celebrate different places in the world where Swagbucks is available. If you earn all five bills {available exclusively through search} before July 8, you’ll get an automatic bonus of 20 Swag Bucks applied to your account. You can track which bills you’ve earned by going to the “My Swag Bucks” area of your account and clicking on the “Collector’s Bills ” tab.

    And here’s a Quick Earning Tip from me: Lately (and I don’t know how long this will last), on the Swagbucks homepage, there have been “Encrave” offers. If you click on the offer, you’ll open a new page that directs you to click to open an article or video, or to watch some videos. They’re really easy to do in the background while you’re focused on something else, and I’ve been earning over 100 Swag Bucks a day doing them. They’re also a really easy to reach the Daily Goal.

    Click here if you’re not earning on Swagbucks yet. You earn rewards for doing all of the things online you already do, and it’s completely free. I’ve earned several thousand dollars through Swagbucks over the last few years, and you can too!

    Code expires June 14. Thank you if you join(ed) Swagbucks using my referral link!

    Give for Free: Donate Swag Bucks to help Oklahoma tornado victims + Bonus Registration Code

    help Oklahoma tornado victims

    As you probably already know, I love Swagbucks, and one of the reasons is that they seem to genuinely care about more than making money. Right now, they are supporting the American Red Cross by allowing users to donate Swag Bucks. That means that even if you don’t have any spare cash to donate to the Red Cross to help their relief efforts in Oklahoma, you can still contribute by donating Swag Bucks (each Swag Buck is worth one cent – so donate 100 Swag Bucks, and that’s a dollar for the Red Cross). And of course, small amounts add up to big bucks, so anything you can give helps. Click here to donate now.

    Bonus Registration Code

    If you haven’t joined Swagbucks yet, now is a great time! Use the sign-up code REDCROSS for a bonus 70 Swag Bucks when you join here (click on “sign up” at the top right; then click on “I have a sign up code” during the registration process to enter the code). Since all new users get 30 Swag Bucks upon sign up, you’ll start off with 100! That puts you well on your way to the 450 Swag Bucks you need to get a $5 Amazon gift certificate, or 100 Swag Bucks you can donate to the Red Cross.

    Code expires June 14. Thank you if you join(ed) Swagbucks using my referral link!