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  • Sponsored Video: LeapTV from LeapFrog

    This post is sponsored by LeapFrog. All opinions are my own. Read the full CFO disclosure policy here.

    Sometimes I’ll be talking with the kids about my college or law school days, and I’ll realize that email was in its infancy when I was in college, and that my cell phone when I was in law school was a clunky thing with an antenna that telescoped out and used a car charger with a coiled cable like landline phones have. And then I’ll marvel at how far technology has come in such a short time.

    That’s even true about the decade since my oldest was born. When he was a baby, his toy cell phone was a colorful flip phone. My friend’s baby who was born last year has a toy smart phone – of course he does, because that’s what his parents and older brother have.

    It’s amazing to see how quickly technology changes, and so much fun to see how technology can help kids learn. When my oldest was little, his “technological toys” were a LeapFrog learning table and read-along/aloud books. My youngest, who’s just two years behind his older brother, had a LeapFrog Leapster. Since then, as they’ve grown along with technology, they have both have used apps on mobile devices to sharpen their math skills, develop their problem solving abilities, and more. That’s why I was intrigued by LeapFrog‘s new technology, LeapTV, which has been specially designed to make learning fun for youngsters ages 3-8, as shown in the video below:

    LeapTV has a suggested retail price of $129, which makes it a great holiday gift!

    5 Best Money Saving Tips for Back to School Shopping

    This post is sponsored by Chameleon John. You can read CFO’s full disclosure here.

    Are your kids going to school soon? Or they are already learning new things beside their friends? It’s time to shop for all essential back to school items. And you know what – there are some easy ways how to reduce spending while shopping for all of it! So shop for clothing, various school supplies and other things you want to buy, and save money with these easy tips!

    Shop during Summer-End Sales

    You can definitely save a lot of money if you shop before the fall season. You can find many polo shirts, pants and dresses that can be suitable and comfortable enough to wear during first few weeks of fall and after too. You can also find some notebooks, pencils or art supplies much cheaper at summer. So start shopping for school-related items at the end of summer and you will notice how much less expensive it is to shop in this way.

    Do an Inventory

    Actually, before you start shopping, you should do a simple and quick inventory at your house. You can discover that you don’t need to buy as much stuff as you initially thought. So count how many pencils, art supplies, and clothing your kids have, decide whether or not it will be suitable for the coming school year, and only start shopping after that. You may be very surprised and end up saving a lot of money if you simply don’t buy stuff that you already own.

    Make a List

    Well, after looking at what you already own, you should definitely make a list of items you need for school. After that, be sure to take it with you and shop only according to it. It is important to make a reasonable and correct list. Otherwise, you will have to go back to the store over and over again. Also, a list is a great way to keep you on a budget too. It will keep you away from purchasing products that are unplanned and unnecessary.

    Look For Special Deals

    Usually, before this time of the year, most stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, tend to offer many special deals. You can save a pretty good amount of money just by following the sales and get big discounts instantly. Also, there usually are thousands of online coupons too. For instance, if you are looking for some cute and stylish children’s apparel, search for Last Call coupons at You will definitely save a lot of money and dress your kids in some nice quality clothing. So take a look and don’t miss all the special deals online and off!

    Buy in Bulk

    Finally, the easiest and most common way to shop on a budget for all back to school supplies is to use bulk shopping. If you buy school items, such as pencils and notebook paper, in bulk, you can equip your kids for a year or even more. This technique actually is most effective for households with multiple students. Families with just one student in a house can consider teaming up with others for extra savings on basic supplies. So don’t be afraid to buy in bulk and you will save money not only for this year but for a couple more too! Enter for a chance to win one of 60 Macy’s gift cards + 25% off Select Nike #MacysBTSSports

    This post contains affiliate links that help support this site at no additional cost to you. Thank you for using them! All opinions are honest and my own. You can read CFO’s full disclosure here.

    Macys $2,000 Giveaway

    Through August 15, you can enter for a chance to win one of sixty Macy’s Gift Cards from – twenty winners will receive a $50 Macy’s Gift Card, and forty winners will receive a $25 Macy’s Gift Card. The official rules are here. Good luck!

    You can also get 25% off Select Nike Products at Macy’, plus Free Shipping on orders of $99+. Restrictions may apply. Offers ends 8/15/15.

    For example, this Nike Boys’ Just Do It Swoosh Tee is on sale for just $15 {down from $20}:

    Nike tee

    They have other items that are appropriate for Back to School, too, including Nike backpacks!

    Sponsored Video: The Kids Of Summer – Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes #ShowYourStripes

    This post is sponsored by Kellogg’s. All opinions are my own. Read the full CFO disclosure policy here.

    My family has been a Little League family for six years now, and I’ve found that everything people say about sports being good for kids is true. My boys have learned so much from their Little League experience, and we still have several more years left!

    Consider this list of life lessons that I can attribute to their seasons in Little League:

    • How to be a gracious winner
    • How to be a gracious loser
    • How to work hard at the things they can control
    • How to let go of the things they can’t control
    • How to deal with difficult teammates
    • How to deal with adults they don’t like
    • How to be a team player
    • How to deal with pressure situations
    • How to perform in front of a crowd
    • How to show up even when they don’t feel like it

    That’s just what comes to mind off the top of my head, so it’s definitely an incomplete list. And certainly, my boys haven’t mastered these skills, but they’ve had many chances to work on them because of their sports experiences.

    Another thing that team sports has given my kids is friends – lots of good friends to hang out with, play with, and have fun with. The other parents and I frequently comment after a tough loss on how the kids don’t care about the result, as they’re too busy frolicking on whatever field is nearby.

    The Little League World Series is coming up next month, and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes has put together a sweet video about what the experience is really about.

    If you liked the video, you can learn more about Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes’ Little League sponsorship, and follow Frosted Flakes on Facebook and Tony the Tiger on Twitter. Enter for a chance to win one of twenty $50 Kohl’s gift cards + Get $10 off a $30 purchase Memorial Day Weekend

    This post contains affiliate links that help support this site at no additional cost to you. Thank you for using them! All opinions are honest and my own. You can read CFO’s full disclosure here.

    Kohls Giveaway

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    Right now, you can get 50% off handbags, including this Relic Caraway Shoulder Bag, which I want to get for all of the schlepping around I’m going to do this summer.