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  • Meet My Blogroll: Wild for Wags

    Wild for Wags is relatively new to my blogroll, but it’s the perfect example of a “niche blog.” Christie does one thing – share the deals at Walgreens – and she does it better than anyone.

    In addition to listing the weekly deals at Walgreens, Christie gives a helpful heads up on hot upcoming deals, and I especially enjoy her “Updates from the Field,” in which she posts helpful tips. For example, she’ll report on deals that aren’t going through the way they should, unadvertised deals, and clearance finds.

    If you shop at Walgreens, I highly recommend subscribing to Wild for Wags!

    Meet my Blogroll: Baby Toolkit

    I’ve been reading Baby Toolkit for a few years now, and I love the sense of humor that Adrienne and Jim bring to their blog. Check out their recent post mocking the CPSC’s holiday safety warning. I also admire and envy Adrienne’s sewing and crafting ability, as demonstrated by these cloth crowns she gives out as birthday gifts. Don’t you wish she knew your kids so they could have one of these beauties? (This is slightly off-topic, but a while back, we saw a boy – about 6 years old, I’d guess – in medieval costume at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Apparently it was the boy’s favorite outfit and he insisted on wearing it wherever he went. Somehow it was more unexpected than the 4-year-old muscled Spiderman we saw at the dentist’s office. Talk about a child who’d love to receive one of Adrienne’s crowns!)

    Adrienne and Jim also share their passion for family game nights (read their reviews), which is useful if you want to know if a game is appropriate for your child. They also share random useful tips, like how to involve your pre-writing child in sending thank you notes and using vinegar to combat hard water issues in the dishwasher.

    And back in 2008, Adrienne had an article published in Parents magazine. It was very cool to open up the issue that arrived in the mail and tell everyone that I “knew” the author!

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    Meet my blogroll: Freebies 4 Mom

    Freebies 4 Mom has become one of the biggest mom blogs around. Heather’s goal is to “spoil her readers with the hottest freebies,” and she does it extremely well, by sharing links to free samples, rebates, sweepstakes, coupons, and more. Heather’s so good at what she does that she’s even been on the Tyra Banks show to share her knowledge. Be sure to check in every day because she posts multiple times a day.

    And if you’re a blogger who wants to earn some blogging income, you should definitely read her “Money 4 Mom” series.

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    Meet my Blogroll: Baby Cheapskate

    If you have young children, I hope you’re already acquainted with Baby Cheapskate – it was one of the first blogs I started reading, and I think it’s a must-subscribe blog for any parent with young kids. I’m actually a little sad that I – or my kids, rather – are outgrowing BC, because it’s been such a fabulous resource on all kinds of baby-related deals.

    Angie has a super handy spreadsheet that every parent who buys diapers ought to memorize (or at least keep a copy of in their wallet) – it lists the target price of diapers by brand and size. Unless you’re using cloth diapers, this is vital information that will save you hundreds of dollars through your child’s first three years or so.

    In addition to diaper deals, Angie keeps me up to date on the latest sales and bargains on baby and kid-related products. Right now, I’m keeping an eye on BC for car seat deals (I’m looking to buy a couple more Nautilus seats in the near future, and Angie tells me I might be able to find a good deal in September). You’ll also find updates on stroller markdowns, photo deals, and more.

    After you check out Baby Cheapskate, head over to, which is kind of like Freecycle but for baby and children’s products only. There’s a nominal membership fee of $1, but you’ll get it back after you post two offers. And residents of San Diego and Birmingham (AL) can join for free this week!

    And if you’re a blogger, be sure to check out Angie’s other project, BlogCoach, for tips and info to help you maximize your blog.

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    Meet my blogroll: Coupon Cravings

    Coupon Cravings is one of my favorite deal blogs because Erin seems to take a lot of care in deciding what to highlight. For example, when posting drugstore deals, she only lists what’s free or almost free – that makes planning my trip extra easy. A great deal she posted yesterday is about how to get Eggo Bakeshop products for 50 cents a box at Target.

    In addition to store deals, Coupon Cravings lists available freebies, like a 10-song download available right now from Amazon, and a kid’s activity book and coupons from Organic Valley.

    Perhaps best of all, Erin periodically shares her personal experiences in public relations as well as occasional guest posts. (I had one a few months ago on how to have hassle-free coupon transactions.) So be sure to check out Coupon Cravings!

    Previously: Meet other blogs on my blogroll