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  • Prepare for the weekend with a Weekly Home Blessing Hour

    The most valuable thing I’ve learned from FlyLady is that I don’t have to clean my house perfectly to make a difference. One of the ways FlyLady teaches this lesson is through the Weekly Home Blessing Hour, which is “the time FlyLady spends slipshod cleaning her home” by vacuuming, dusting, mopping, polishing mirrors and doors, purging magazines, changing the sheets, and emptying the trash.

    My favorite part of this is the vacuuming because, as she puts it, you only vacuum the middles – i.e., the middle of the floors. “Just the middles” has been my mantra more than once when I haven’t felt like vacuuming.

    FlyLady does her Weekly Home Blessing Hour on Mondays; I’ve been trying to get in the habit of doing mine on Fridays, so that my house is ready for the weekend, which is when we spend the most time together in it as a family. My habit is very much a work in progress, but I try to at least vacuum and clear the floors and tables. I find that this makes the house as a whole look and feel clean, especially when you first walk in. And that’s always a good feeling.

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    Laundry Tip: Pre-treat with Tide Stain Release

    Baseball season has just started around here, and of course I find myself washing white pants every week – white pants that have grass and mud stains all over, especially on the knees. After the first game, I had to wash the pants four times and I still couldn’t get out one tiny little spot of mud.

    After the second game, I was mentally prepared to wash the pants four times again, but I decided to experiment a little bit. Instead of pre-treating the stain with a spray like Zout or Shout, I used Tide Stain Release. It’s a fairly new product that you add to the washing machine at the same time as the detergent, but the bottle says you can pre-treat stains with it too. I left the pants on the washer overnight, and washed them the next day.

    I couldn’t believe it when they came out completely white after the first wash. I was thrilled! I know I sound like a paid commercial for the product, but I don’t think I’ve even gotten a free sample of this stuff. I did get a couple of bottles for free back when Vons stacked paper and electronic coupons, and now I’m going to have to keep an eye out for deals.

    I don’t know if this will work after every game, but I’m pretty excited that I won’t have to wash the pants four times every week!

    Shower cleaning tip: Scrub during your shower

    I have to admit, I was pretty hesitant when I first read Flylady‘s suggestion to scrub the shower during my shower. In fact, I resisted for years. But scrubbing the shower/bath area was something I kept putting off, so I finally bought a long-handled brush at Target (it’s actually a kitchen scrubber) and started scrubbing the shower while I’m in there anyway.

    I just use some shampoo – it was free thanks to The Drugstore Game – and scrub a wall one day, the tub the next day, another wall the day after that. And it really works!

    I wish I hadn’t waited so long to start doing this, but better late than never!

    Save Time with this Laundry Tip: Multiple Baskets

    Growing up, I used to throw my dirty laundry into a hamper. I was taught to do laundry all at once, separating the clothes and then doing load after load in one day (usually a weekend). But living alone, I acquired laundry baskets that didn’t match, so they didn’t stack. And I didn’t really want a hamper. So I did what seemed natural, and tossed light colored clothing in one basket and darks in the other.

    Sorting laundry as it’s created saves a lot of time.

    It also makes doing laundry less onerous, since you can do a load as the need arises. The darks basket fills up quickly around here – every day or two, since we have the kids throw their dirty clothes into the baskets in our closet. I suppose that when they’re a little older, I’ll clear some space on the floor of their closet and install baskets in there too.

    Flylady suggests doing one load a day so that “Mt. Washmore” doesn’t get too big, and while I don’t necessarily follow that guideline (I’ve done three loads today), I wholeheartedly agree with the principle.

    Works for Me: Two blankets on the bed

    I have a confession:

    I am a blanket hog.

    If there is a blanket on the bed, I will grab it in my sleep, wrap it around myself, and only some vigorous yanking will dislodge it from my grasp. Temporarily.

    In the interest of marital harmony, we realized very early on that something had to change or one day I would discover that my beloved had turned into an icicle.

    As I mentioned previously, I’m a big believer in easy bed-making – there’s no flat sheet, just a comforter with a cover. So our solution was simple: We simply added a second comforter to our bed. Now at night, we each have our own comforters so there’s no fighting over coverage.

    Simple, effective and – dare I say? – brilliant.

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