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  • We are (probably) going to buy a new washer soon (very soon)

    So for the last few months, our very old washer (which came with the house and is probably close to 30 years old) has been getting unbalanced. By “unbalanced,” I mean the legs become uneven, causing the washer to rumble very loudly and travel back and forth in its corner between the wall and the dryer. We have had it repaired several times, including the installation of a new set of legs and a new set of pads, which did extend the time between unbalancing incidents long enough for me to think that perhaps the problem had been solved. But alas, the washer unbalanced again this past week so I think we’ve had the repairman out for the last time. The next time this happens – and if history holds true, it’ll probably happen again within a couple of months – we’ll be buying a new washer.

    Which leads me to research. Only I’m not sure where to begin. Marc tells me that he keeps reading HE washers don’t really clean clothes, which is obviously a problem. My priorities are effectiveness, energy efficiency, and cost. And a large capacity would be wonderful too, but isn’t a necessity.

    I’m also debating whether to buy a new dryer. It’s not that we really need one but our current one is as old as the washer, which leads me to believe it’s not very energy efficient. And, as silly as this may sound, I’d prefer it if our washer and dryer matched.

    Any suggestions or ideas to get me started? Thanks!