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  • The 29-Day Giving Challenge: Day 21

    Today was Day 21 of my 29-Day Giving Challenge. I donated a box of toys to the boys’ daycare today. (Yes! I actually remembered to take them out of the trunk!)

    I also ordered Mother’s Day gifts for both my own mother and my mother-in-law. Does that count? 😉

    The 29-Day Giving Challenge: Day 20 & a great photo coupon for Mother’s Day

    Today was Day 20 of my 29-Day Giving Challenge. I had lunch with one of my law school professors, and for once, she let me treat. So that was one gift.

    I had put some toys to donate to the boys’ daycare in the trunk, but naturally, I completely forgot to take them out. So that intended gift didn’t happen (hopefully, I’ll remember tomorrow!).

    I also came across such a fabulous deal that I’m going to risk giving away one of my mom’s Mother’s Day gifts just to share it with you (although maybe I’ll get lucky and she won’t read CFO this week). Yesterday’s weekly Walgreens circular included a coupon for a free 8×10 photo, a $2.99 value (the coupon should be printable here).

    However, the best part was that Freebies4Mom gave the promotional code, 4MOM, which you can use to order the free photo online. If you pick it up, it’s completely free. Standard shipping is 99 cents.

    The in-store coupon is only good on Wednesday, May 7. But you can order the photo online from now through Wednesday. And you just have to order it by Wednesday; you can always pick it up later. So don’t miss this great freebie!

    The 29-Day Giving Challenge: Day 19

    Today was Day 19 of my 29-Day Giving Challenge. We went to my in-laws’ house for dinner, so I took some sunflowers for my mother-in-law. As I’ve mentioned previously, she’s extremely generous in her gifts to me. So this was just a little gesture to thank her for the gifts she’s given me.

    The 29-Day Giving Challenge: Day 18

    Today was Day 18 of my 29-Day Giving Challenge. I donated two bags of clothing and a bag of miscellaneous items to Goodwill today. In a way, I feel like today’s giving doesn’t really count for the challenge because it’s something I would have done anyway, and it’s almost more for my own benefit than someone else’s. I mean, I cleared out two bags’ worth of clothing that I don’t wear anymore, and some other items that were simply collecting dust. It feels so good to get clutter out of my house that the donation aspect simply isn’t as rewarding. But I guess I still have 11 days to give meaningful gifts. 🙂

    The 29-Day Giving Challenge: Day 17

    Today was Day 17 of my 29-Day Giving Challenge. I sent off the last of my copies of the book, The Crayon Box That Talked. Five copies went to the winners of the The 29-Day Giving Challenge Giveaway. The remaining copies went to several friends whom I don’t see very often, if at all.

    I have one copy of the book left, and it’s set aside for a friend who lives out east. I’m just waiting for her to confirm her address, and then I’ll send it out. With the books almost gone, I feel like I’ve lost my “fall back” plan for giving, and I will have to work harder to keep up with the challenge. We’ll see!