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  • Festival of Frugality #283: Coupon Facts Edition

    Welcome to the Festival of Frugality #283: Coupon Facts Edition, in which I’ve interspersed some coupon facts amongst the great posts in this week’s Festival. I use coupons all the time to save money and love to get stuff we use for free, but I still learned a lot during my research! For instance (Coupon Fact #1), in September 2010, Nielsen reported that 40% of households used coupons to save money. I’d bet it’s an even greater percentage now. Now on to the Festival!

    *Editor’s Pick*Live Real, Now shares 3 Ways to Keep Your Finances Organized – I especially like the idea of putting your goal amount in the bank account nickname so you can track your progress at a glance.

    *Editor’s Pick* (how could it not be after making me laugh out loud?) – PT Money: Personal Finance suggests that you can save money by Donating Your Body to Science.

    *Editor’s Pick*The Sun’s Financial Diary asks ChargeSmart Reviews: Is It Worth It to Pay Mortgage? – I’ve often wished that I could charge my mortgage payment for the cash back rewards, so I found Sun’s review enlightening.

    Coupon Fact #2: According to the Coupon Information Center, there is no legitimate way to sell coupons.

    Canadian Finance Blog shares a timely post called Saving Money on Gas.

    StupidCents presents Planning a Wedding for Under $1,000 in a Week

    Boomer & Echo suggests Instead Of A Vacation, Plan A Staycation.

    Coupon Fact #3: Coupons with a barcode that starts with a “5” will double automatically if the register is programmed to double, while a coupon with a barcode that starts with a “9” will never double automatically.

    NerdWallet Blog discusses Bankruptcy Credit Cards: Scams and Traps to Avoid.

    Parenting Family Money recommends you Take Advantage of Free 2011 Reading Programs During the Summer.

    Personal Cents discusses The Importance of Saving.

    Coupon Fact #4: After stores accept coupons from consumers, the coupons are sent to a clearinghouse that facilitates payment from the manufacturers to the stores for the value of the coupons plus a handling fee. (Of course, sometimes there’s fraud.)

    Spruce Up Your Finances explains the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program: Housing Assistance.

    Family Balance Sheet shares 8 Tips To Help You Save Money While On Vacation.

    Money Thinking offers some Thrifty Theme Park Trips.

    Coupon Fact #5: The coupon was born in 1888 when Asa Candler used paper tickets for free glasses of Coke to help market his new soda. {Via Wikipedia.}

    Money Beagle shares 4 Ways For Beginners To Save With Coupons.

    TotallyMoney discusses Where to Splurge and Where to Save on skincare.

    Invest It Wisely shares Five Ways to Make Frugality Fun Instead of Having Frugal Fatigue.

    Coupon Fact #6: Coupon use grew dramatically during the Great Depression (just like current times?). {Via Wikipedia.}

    My Personal Finance Journey discusses Debt Consolidation – The Pros and Cons.

    Free Money Finance lists Six Steps to Saving Money at a Community College.

    Debt Kid wants you to know The 5 Biggest Money Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid.

    Coupon Fact #7: Coupon Information Center has a list of coupons identified as fraudulent – you should definitely check it if you suspect a coupon is not legitimate.

    Prairie Eco-Thrifter discusses How to Harness the Power of the Wind For Your Home.

    Consumer Boomer explains the Credit Reporting Rules.

    Back Taxes Help presents Unemployment Taxes: tax breaks and considerations for the unemployed.

    That’s it, folks! Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out next week’s Festival of Frugality at Home Life Weekly.

    Morning Coffee: Christmas Turducken?

    I associate turduckens with John Madden and Thanksgiving football (that’s a turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken), but the LA Times suggests serving turducken for Christmas, using this recipe.

    The Holiday Toy Lightning Dealscontinue today at Amazon – at this rate, I’ll be getting my shopping for 2010 done before the year is over! Today’s deals include a lot of games – the deals start at 6 a.m. PST and the last one will be at 3 p.m. Disclosure: I’m an Amazon affiliate, so any purchase you make after entering Amazon through a link on Chief Family Officer supports this site at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

    Through December 26, get 33% off Snapfish collage prints when you pick up at Walgreens with code DEC19. Walgreens also sent out emails stating that most stores have the H1N1 vaccine for $18, so if you’ve been unable to find it and want it, you might give your local Walgreens a call.

    Members of Nestle’s can print a coupon for $1 off Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough.

    Get a printable coupon for 75 cents off any half-gallon of Silk Soy Milk (clicking on the link opens a new tab or window and immediately begins printing). (Via Printable Coupons and Deals.)

    There’s a new 5-point code for Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards: WHTZHNBDQFXKPGB (expires 8/31/10). (Via Freebies 4 Mom.)

    Bargain Briana has some Ulta coupons and codes.

    Get printable coupons from Arm & Hammer when you register. (Via A Thrifty Mom.)

    Coupon Cravings has links to printable restaurant coupons, including one of my favorites, Buca di Beppo. (Alex and I love their Frutti de Mare linguini!)

    Borders Rewards members can get 30% off the list price of any item, in store or online.

    Get a free subscription to Harvard Business Review from RewardsGold.

    Sunday’s paper will have a P&G coupon insert, and for every coupon that’s redeemed, P&G will donate 3 cents to Special Olympics. Click on the banner below to see what coupons will be in the insert.

    Banner via Escalate Media Affiliate Network

    Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links, and may refer to items that were sent to me for review. However, all opinions are my own. You can read Chief Family Officer’s full disclaimer and disclosure policy here.

    Welcome to the Carnival of Money Stories #53 – April Fool’s Edition

    This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four. – Mark Twain

    Welcome to Chief Family Officer! I’m delighted to host the Carnival of Money Stories this week. I’ve got an April Fool’s edition for you, which mixes some April Fool’s trivia and famous pranks in with the great articles that you should definitely check out.

    Let’s start with a few Editor’s Picks:

    Ashley presents The evolution of a budget posted at Wide Open Wallet. I was especially impressed with the budgeting as a waitress.

    Madison presents Investment Club Portfolio and Returns posted at My Dollar Plan. The investment club idea fascinates me, and I’m very impressed that Madison and her club beat their benchmark last year.

    Bryce presents Budget Trade-offs posted at Save and Conquer. I couldn’t agree more with the emphasis on how we all make choices about spending our money.

    April Fool’s Day originated from the switch to the Gregorian calendar in the 1500’s, which also switched New Year’s Day from April 1 to January 1. Those who forgot the New Year’s Day switch were the first “April fools.”


    Ana presents What Would Make You Feel Rich? posted at DebtFREE-Revolution.

    Faron Benoit presents Ten Things Women Wish Men Knew About Money posted at Financial Learn.

    Madeleine Begun Kane presents Taxing Verse posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

    Steph presents How to climb up from the bottom or 6 months in review posted at The Debt Hole.

    freefrombroke presents Five Ways Fantasy Baseball is Like Personal Finance posted at Free From Broke.

    Silicon Valley Blogger presents How’d You Get Interested in Personal Finance? posted at The Digerati Life.

    BeThisWay presents Shrinking Package Sizes Screw up My Recipes posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

    poetloverrebelspy presents Why I Love/Hate RyanAir posted at Less Than a Shoestring.

    The most famous April Fool’s prank may be the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest by the BBC in 1957. The station aired a report about a bumper spaghetti harvest in southern Switzerland, complete with footage of farmers pulling spaghetti off trees. Viewers called the station to find out how they could grow their own spaghetti tree.


    Raymond presents How To Avoid A 0% Balance Transfer Mistake posted at Money Blue Book.

    Finance Girl presents When Did You Finally Hit Rock Bottom and Decide to Get Out of Debt For Good? posted at Finance Gets Personal.

    Heather Allen presents An Interesting Way Out of Debt posted at The DebtFree Playbook Blog.

    LJ presents Snowflaking the Mortgage posted at Mommy Gets PAID, saying.

    A more recent prank occurred in 1996, when Taco Bell took out an ad in the New York Times to announce the purchase and renaming of the Liberty Bell to “Taco Liberty Bell.” When asked about the sale, White House spokesman Mike McMurry quipped that the Lincoln Memorial had also been sold and would henceforth be known as the “Ford Lincoln Memorial.”


    Shanti presents WWSD #3: How Can I Work at Home Successfully? posted at Antishay Ventenne.

    Adie Dornom presents Low Cost Way to Get 1,000 Workers Today posted at Lee McIntyre’s Honest Marketing Blog.

    My personal favorite prank in recent memory is Yale’s colored placard prank on Harvard, in which some clever Yale students got unsuspecting Harvard fans to hold up colored placards that spelled out “WE SUCK” at a football game.


    paidtwice presents Retirement Advice I Didn’t Want To Ignore posted at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already….

    GBlogger presents Success Stories: Couple Retires at Age 44 With 3 Young Kids posted at Can I Get Rich On A Salary.

    Moneywise presents Largest mutual funds and their expenses posted at The Real Returns.

    The Dividend Guy presents What Music Band Nine Inch Nails Taught Me About Investing posted at The Dividend Guy Blog.

    If you want to play some pranks on your family and friends today, I recommend visiting Family Fun’s April Fool’s page, where you’ll find ideas like serving a fake grilled cheese sandwich or giving your kids an allowance tax letter.


    WBL presents 10 Tips On How To Negotiate posted at Wealth Building Lessons.

    Foxie presents Conclusion to the Miata Repair Saga posted at Dreaming of Ferraris.

    FMF presents Help a Reader: Negotiating Salary for a New Job posted at Free Money Finance.

    Pinyo presents My Plan For The Tax Refund posted at Moolanomy.

    Praveen presents Importance of Testing Websites posted at My Simple Trading System.

    Jeremy Zongker presents 21 Ways Credit Cards can Save You Money on Your Summer Vacation posted at Credit Card Offers.

    Shane Wilson presents Small Actions = Big Changes posted at Michael Shane Wilson.

    Edith presents Creating a Poverty-Free World posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

    That wraps up the 53rd edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. Thanks so much to all of the contributors, and thanks especially to you for stopping by. Be sure to check out next week’s carnival, which will be hosted at Financial Blogger.

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