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  • Chief Family Officer Updates

    Updates | Chief Family Officer

    In an effort to make things as useful as possible for you, we’re making some changes here at Chief Family Officer. The most immediate change you will see will be in this week’s Ralphs match ups. Rather than providing a short list of highlights or match ups for the entire ad, we’ll be going back to highlighting the best deals from the ad in all categories.

    Based on feedback, we’ll also be transitioning away from full match ups for the other stores, and instead we’ll be providing you with the best deals via our Deal Roundups. (If you miss the full ad match ups, I recommend my friend Michelle’s site, Deal Mama.)

    If there are other changes you’d like to see here at Chief Family Officer, please leave a comment or send us an email at cfoblog *at* Your feedback helps us know what we can do to help you!

    What’s New at Chief Family Officer

    Have you noticed the snazzy new deal match ups that have debuted at Chief Family Officer?

    I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined the Favado team and will be doing the Ralphs match ups for them (hopefully starting next week!). And here’s why I think you’ll be happy too:

    ~ More deals and match ups at, including Costco, Target, Vons/Pavilions, and more.

    ~ Customizable and printable shopping lists {just click on the deals you’re interested in to build your list on the right-hand side of the page, then print and/or email the list!}

    ~ More unique and original content at Chief Family Officer – Joining the Favado team allows me to bring you more match ups, while freeing up some of my blogging time so I can share more recipes, money-saving tips, and all the other ideas that have been languishing on the back burner. I’m so excited about this, I cannot even put my feelings into words!

    If you have any feedback or suggestions, please be sure to let me know via email, Facebook or Twitter.

    And if you haven’t checked out Favado yet, read my review.

    Affiliate banner via Escalate Media Network

    Update on Gelson’s Coupon Match Ups

    Gelson’s is an upscale supermarket in Los Angeles, and although I’ve been doing coupon match ups for their ads for over a year now, they’ve never seemed very popular. Given that, it seems I can serve you better by taking the time I would spend doing the Gelson’s match ups and invest it in other topics that would benefit you more.

    So I’m going to cease the Gelson’s match ups for now, but if you miss them, please let me know and I’ll revisit the issue.

    In the meantime, Ralphs shoppers can breathe easy, as I will definitely continue doing the Ralphs match ups every week.

    Quick note to Email Subscribers

    For those who subscribe to Chief Family Officer via email, this is just a quick note to let you know that I’ve changed the delivery time of the daily email to four hours earlier. That means the daily email will now go out shortly after Morning Coffee is published.

    My hope is that this change will help you snag deals faster, and prevent you from missing out on time-sensitive offers – especially with the holidays coming up. You can also catch more time-sensitive offers by following CFO on Facebook and Twitter.

    Since I just made the change, I’m not quite sure how it will affect delivery of today’s posts. Please bear with me as Feedburner catches up!

    And as always, thank you for reading Chief Family Officer!

    Housekeeping: Pinterest, Facebook & Truncated Posts

    I’ve been doing some stuff behind the scenes here at CFO, and wanted to bring you up to speed on some new features:

    • Chief Family Officer is on Pinterest! Check out the CFO Pinterest page, and let me know what you’d like to see there. I’m trying to be selective about what I pin, so mostly you’ll see recipes, plus some how-to tips and activities for the kids.

    • Facebook – Over on the CFO Facebook page, I continue to post updates on what you see here at CFO, as well as time-sensitive offers, deals, coupons, and Swag codes. I’ve also been known to share drugstore deals that I picked up, and updates on my cooking progress. If there’s anything else you’d find helpful over on Facebook, be sure to let me know.

    • Gelson’s match ups – You may have already seen these here at CFO, but I’m now offering coupon match ups for upscale Los Angeles market Gelson’s. You can find them here, or by using the “Gelson’s” tab in the menu at the top of the homepage.

    • Speaking of match ups – I’ve gotten several requests to shorten the match ups posts, and I try to remember to use the “more” html code so that the full post doesn’t show on the homepage. You have to click through to see the entire post, which makes for less scrolling when you visit CFO. However, if there’s a way to shorten just those posts for RSS and email readers, without truncating all of the other posts I publish, I can’t figure it out. Cutting those posts short in the RSS and email feeds would mean going to a partial feed for all of CFO, and I really don’t want to do that. So if anyone knows of a different solution, please share!