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    Morning Coffee - June 26, 2015 @
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    What I Did Today: Tokyo Disney Sea

    I know, it’s strange to go from Southern California, the home of Disneyland, all the way to Japan, just to go to another Disney park. But that’s why I thought the kids would get a kick out of it. Right next to Tokyo Disneyland, which has been open for about 30 years now, they’ve built another theme park called Disney Sea, which sounds like it should be like Sea World but is actually much more like California Adventure next to Disneyland.

    The whole area is called Disney Resort, and when you arrive by train at Maihama Station, you have to take Disney’s tram to the theme park of your choice. Here’s the adorable inside of the tram:

    Disney tram

    Note the Mickey Mouse shaped windows and hanging hand holds! They even sell toy versions of the tram in the gift shop:

    Disney Toy Tram

    This is the outer courtyard when you start to enter Disney Sea:

    Disney Globe

    The submarine ride at Disneyland is gone now but it’s alive and well at Disney Sea (this isn’t the sub you ride, but it’s in the same lagoon):

    Disney Sub

    In this same area, there’s a Chinese restaurant with kid’s meals served on Mickey Mouse plates:

    Disney kid's meals

    We grabbed food from a restaurant serving burgers, and were surprised to find ourselves with live entertainment while we ate:


    That’s Mickey with his friend Duffy the Bear, who was quite popular at the park. The show was all about Duffy and his hesitation to embark on his adventures with Mickey. Mickey speaks in Japanese in the same high-pitched squeaky voice as American Mickey.

    Disney Sea has a small Toy Story section, with the same Toy Story Mania ride that they have at California Adventure:

    Toy Story Mania at Disney Sea

    The highlight for me may have been stumbling across Cruella de Vil:

    Cruella de Vil at Disney Sea

    And that was Thursday for me!

    A Few Easy Ways to Curb the Cost of Being a Homeowner

    The following is a post from Jenna Smith. Consideration was received for the editing and publishing of this post.

    Being a homeowner is one of the most pivotal aspects of being a responsible adult. That humble house is supposed to represent a sense of security, stability, and family. However, as great as it is to have your own home, that ownership often come with a hefty financial responsibility. The responsibility of paying the mortgage, bills, insurance, taxes and household upkeep, in addition to personal expenses, can seriously put a strain on your wallet.

    However, there are many things you can do to help curb the cost of being a homeowner:

    Take advantage of your tax deductibles: Many newer homeowners are unaware of the deductibles that are available for them to take advantage of – instead of filing your taxes on your own, this season partner with a qualified tax expert or use a detailed DIY tax return program, and learn how take advantage of available tax breaks. You may be eligible for deductions on your mortgage, closing costs, property taxes and home equity loans.

    Be more energy efficient: Being energy efficient is not only a way to save the environment, it can also help you keep some green in your wallet. You can take steps to being more energy efficient by upgrading your appliances to energy efficient options and by properly insulating your home to repair any open cracks. Additionally, you can purchase energy efficient power strips, switch to LED bulbs, hang energy saving blackout curtains, insulate your water pipes, use solar powered chargers, and do laundry less often.

    Consider a reverse mortgage: Home financing through a reverse mortgage is an option for homeowners who are 62 years or older. This option will allow you to turn part of your home’s equity into cash to help cover monthly living expenses.

    Brush up on your DIY skills: It goes without saying that it costs money to outsource home repairs and upgrades. However, it doesn’t do very much for the value of the home if you don’t properly maintain it. Therefore, the best option is to do it yourself. Now, it is still highly recommended that you save the massive projects for the experts, however, you are well able to tackle the moderate household repairs yourself – such as painting, replacing windows and doors, upgrading toiletries, insulating and landscaping. Learning how to become a home DIYer can save you a lot of money, and doing so will give you that sense of satisfaction and pride that you learned new skills and tackled projects on your own.

    Make extra money: There is no better way to avoid the sting of financial struggle than to make extra money so that you can comfortably live in the home that you love. This current age of technology has made it possible for anyone to make a few extra bucks every week. To begin, you have to determine your skills and think of ways through which you can capitalize on them. For example, if you are a good writer or web designer, you can freelance on the side. You can even become a product flipper – buy inexpensive/valuable items from thrift shops and yard sales and sell them for a little more on auction sites. Or, you can complete surveys, sell your handmade crafts or homegrown veggies at fairs, or build your own website or use social media to be an affiliate marketer for a few companies.

    The worst scenario for any homeowner is to struggle to make payments every month or to lose their home entirely. This isn’t the dream of homeownership. Therefore, is up to you to find ways to save money so that you can live the peaceful, secure life that you deserve.