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  • Giveaway: Product of the Year Winner Charmin Essentials Soft

    As a bargain hunter, it’s always exciting to discover a cheaper product that works as well as the more expensive version. So it was thrilling last year to find that I liked Charmin Essentials Soft about as much as my preferred brand, Charmin Ultra Soft. You can read my full Charmin Essentials review here.

    Therefore, it wasn’t surprising to learn that Charmin Essentials Soft has been named a 2017 Product of the Year winner in the Bath Tissue category. As I mentioned last year, Charmin Essentials Soft is the thickest bargain soft bath tissue I’ve ever tried. If you want to save some money on toilet paper but hate the thin, quick-to-shred brands, this is the one for you.

    Charmin Essentials Review & Giveaway

    Charmin Essentials Soft is available online and at local retailers nationwide in a variety of different sizes.

    If you’re shopping in-store, you can print a coupon for $1/1 Charmin Basic or Essentials Soft & Strong Bath Tissue 12ct+. There was also a coupon for $0.25/1 Charmin Product in the 1/29 P&G insert.

    WIN IT!

    Charmin wants to give one lucky CFO reader a Charmin Essentials Prize Pack containing three packages of Charmin Essentials Soft. It may not be terribly exciting, but we all need toilet paper! To enter, simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below:

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    1. I really have no idea. I look for coupons and sales before buying toilet paper though, and usually stock up when I find a deal.

    2. Charmin Ultra Strong is what we usually use and I generally aim for less than 10 cents for a regular 2 ply roll. I should say I’m also super cheap though and shop for deals!

    3. Vickie Couturier says:

      I try to keep it under 2 dollars for a 6 pk

    4. I try to find the best deal I can but haven’t looked at cost per roll.

    5. kathy wallace says:

      I try to get it for fifty cents a roll but it’s hard.

    6. I try not to pay more than $3 for 6 rolls

    7. I usually shoot for 2.00-3.00 for a six pack, about 3 for a buck if not then a paying a few cents more sometimes…

    8. shelly peterson says:

      I don’t know if I really have a target price. I just look for what’s on sale and use coupons.

    9. I don’t know what I should be paying, but I usually get the giant mega rolls for 45 cents a roll.

    10. Jessica To says:

      I try to get 12 rolls for $4.99 or under.

    11. Amanda Germann says:

      Honestly, I just try to get it on sale. I don’t have a lot of room in my home to stock up. So when we run out, I just hope and pray it’s on sale and I have a coupon. I like to spend under $8 for a 24 pack.

    12. Ellie Wright says:

      I usually shop for a sale. I shoot for 12 double rolls for less than $5.

    13. $4.00-$5.00 is usually what I aim for.

    14. Three dollars for a six pack is a good deal.

    15. 40 cents per double roll (for high quality toilet paper!) is what I can get on Amazon, so anything below that!

    16. I usually pay about $7.50 for the big pack. And I’d be thrilled to win toilet paper–that’s a staple in our emergency planning/food storage. If an emergency happens and we’re stranded for any length of time, we’ll be awfully glad to have a stockpile of toilet paper. Those people investing in gold can keep it; we invest in TP. 🙂

    17. Barbara Montag says:

      I don’t have a target price.
      I buy the toilet paper advertised in the Penny Pincher for the best deal.
      The price fluctuates.
      thank you

    18. Soha Molina says:

      I am not sure. I always get Charmin no matter the cost.

    19. Andrea Williams says:

      I shoot for $.35 to $.40 a roll when I can find it.

    20. Christine Labelle says:

      We have six people in the house so a bargain on toilet paper is a must. I have found some for 40 cents a roll. I will not go over a dollar though.

    21. I aim to get TP for less than 50 cents a roll. I buy whatever is on sale at that time.

    22. I try to get 12 double rolls for $5 and under.

    23. Less than 40 cents per roll with sale and coupons

    24. I have not priced it out per roll. I’ll have to start doing that. I purchase toilet paper when it’s on sale and I can stack coupons.

    25. I keep it at 4 dollars for a double roll package.

    26. I usually will pay $1 a roll.

    27. Steve Weber says:

      Usually between 40-50 cents a roll.

    28. Mary Cloud says:

      $22 – it’s what we usually pay for a club size pack of our favorite brand

    29. I always buy toilet paper with coupons and when I can get Charmin on sale plus a $1.00 coupon off I will buy 12 roll package… about $6.99 on sale.

    30. I never really thought about it. I guess about 60 to 80 cents a roll.

    31. patricia caradonna says:

      $6 for 12 pack of toilet paper

    32. Marilyn Nawara says:

      It depends on how big the rolls are… I only buy TP when it’s on sale and then the biggest pack since that’s usually the best deal.

    33. I really don’t have a target price for toilet paper. I try to get it when Target is having their free $5 gc promotion on it.

    34. Heather Dawn says:

      I spend about $20 at Sam’s Club! I get around 30 rolls of toilet paper.

    35. A buck a roll

    36. Lindsay Bade says:

      I just get what is on sale and use coupons when I can!

    37. I try to spend around 20 cents per reg roll.

      Thanks for the chance to win!
      wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

    38. amanda whitley says:

      i like to pay no more than .50 a roll.

    39. Dana Rodriguez says:

      It really depends on the type and what is on sale.

    40. Nancy Loring says:

      I like to buy the mega rolls because for some strange reason we go through a lot of toilet paper. I just bought a 9 pack (34 rolls) and I forgot what I payed but this is the one I usually get.

    41. I have no idea. I get it on huge bundles at Sam’s.

    42. Tiffany Banks says:

      I usually aim to spend no more than $5 & I usually get it from Wal Mart.

    43. I don’t really have one because I always use Charmin Ultra Soft, but I always buy it on sale and with a coupon. I would love to try the Basics or Essentials to save even more.