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  • Struggling to Find a Summer Routine + Ralphs-based Menu Plan?

    In some ways, the first four weeks of summer vacation have been super. My kids aren’t going to camp, but they are both on teams that have lots of practices and games. They’re also taking semi-private swim lessons with friends, and so we’ve just been busy. That’s great for them, as they tend to get restless just hanging around the house. And when we are home, we’re doing some “summer school,” and they manage to mostly stay out of trouble for a few hours a day.

    But those few hours a day at home are pretty much the only time I have to blog, do housework, cook, and accomplish all of my other tasks. As you might imagine – and might have noticed from the later-than-usual posts that have been going up around here – I’m struggling to cross off even half of the things on my to-do list. I even gave up on a menu plan for this week, although I’ve ending up cooking more this week than the last few weeks.

    I’m actually feeling okay with how things are going family-wise, because whether or not I manage to cook dinner or clean the bathrooms or fold the laundry is secondary to whether the kids and I had a good day together. I’m blessed to be able to stay home and be with them.

    But I worry that I’m letting you down with my late posts.

    And that’s why I’m sharing my current time-management struggles, because I want to assure you that although posts like the Best Deals of the Week and the Ralphs Coupon Match Ups might go up late in the day (or even right before I go to bed), they will post the day they normally do.

    I’ve also got more giveaways planned, and some new ideas I want to implement. The first one I want to mention is sharing a list of meals on Wednesdays that are based on the deals at Ralphs that I posted the day before. For example, this week I might suggest making Turkey Sloppy Joes using Kroger ground turkey ($3.99) on Van de Kamp’s hamburger buns ($1.25/pkg), with steamed broccoli ($0.99/lb), and peaches ($0.99/lb) with Breyers ice cream ($2.49) for dessert. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

    Thanks for sticking with me through the summer!

    Sun image via FreeDigitalPhotos.net by Idea go.


    1. Kathy Linklater says:

      I would definitely be interested in a Ralph’s menu plan.

    2. I think the meal plan based on the Ralphs deals is a great idea. I would be greatly interested. It’s always good to get a different perspective to get new ideas.