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  • Ralphs-Based Menu Plan: 7/12/2013

    I’m trying something new, and creating some meal ideas based on the Ralphs weekly ad. From this week’s deals, here are some meals you could make:

    Meal #1:
    Slow Cooker Beef Roast, using Boneless Chuck Steak @ $2.97/lb
    Sauteed kale, using Organic Kale @ $0.99/bunch
    Dinner rolls or biscuits
    Popsicles ($1/box) for dessert

    Meal #2:
    Beef Hash, using leftover beef roast from Meal #1
    Creamed Spinach, using frozen Birds Eye spinach @ $1.17
    Peaches ($0.99/lb> with Deluxe Ice Cream (2/$5)

    Meal #3:
    Bacon-Wrapped Tofu, using Farmer John Bacon @ $2.99
    Steamed rice
    Salad (Dole or Fresh Selections @ $1.99/bag; tomatoes @ $1.49/lb, avocado @ $0.99 each)
    Watermelon @ 3 lbs/$1

    Let me know what you think, and whether you’d like this to be a regular feature!


    1. Love this idea/help – thanks!

    2. i really love this idea!!