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  • From Google Reader to Feedly … All is well

    If you read blogs, newspapers and other web sites regularly, an RSS feed aggregator like Google Reader is a huge timesaver. The aggregator collects new posts from all of your favorite sites in one place, and allows you to scroll through them at your convenience.

    I’ve been a loyal Google Reader user since 2007 … and was heartbroken when Google announced it was shutting down Reader back in March. After receiving multiple recommendations for Feedly and The Old Reader, I signed up for both.

    Since The Old Reader was based on Google Reader, I thought I would like it more. But it turns out I actually prefer Feedly. I really appreciate that Feedly’s developers are working to make it better, including working on the one thing I miss most about Google Reader: the ability to search within my own feeds.

    If you haven’t made the transition away from Google Reader yet, now’s the time – it goes away July 1. And don’t forget to take Chief Family Officer with you – you can subscribe via RSS or email. :)