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  • The New Ibotta: New Users Get Free $2 Credit


    A few months ago, I told you about a new iPhone and Android app called Ibotta, which can potentially save you lots of money. They’ve rolled a new version today, so I wanted to re-introduce the app because I still love using it.

    What’s The Same

    The basics of Ibotta have stayed the same: Once you’ve downloaded Ibotta, you simply choose the offers you’re interested in, then go shopping. Once you’ve purchased a qualifying item, you upload a photo of your receipt through the app, then scan the barcode of the qualifying item, also through the app. Ibotta will verify that your purchase qualifies for the offer, and then credit your account. I’ve done it many times and find Ibotta very easy to use.

    You can cash out your savings through Paypal when you hit the $5 minimum threshold, or donate your savings to a school or the United Way. Maybe the best part about Ibotta is that you don’t need a store loyalty card, and it works at so many stores, including Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger stores and their affiliates including Ralphs, and Safeway stores and their affiliates including Vons/Pavilions. See the full list here.

    What’s New

    Bonuses and Store Extras: To find bonus offers and special store-exclusive offers, go to the Main Menu in the Ibotta app (tap on lines icon at the top left of the screen). Bonuses include $1 when you refer one friend, $5 when you refer 4 more friends, $1 when you redeem at least 1 offer each week for the 4 weeks in a row, and $0.50 when you redeem 4 offers by the end of April. My store extras include 4 offers redeemable at Target only.

    Friend Bonuses: Ibotta is now offering extra incentives to refer as many friends as possible. In addition to the $5 bonus I just mentioned, you get $7 for referring 5 more friends. If you can get 100,000 friends to sign up, they’ll give you $150,000 (good luck with that!).

    Newbie Bonus: New Ibotta members can get a a free $2 credit when you join Ibotta and redeem 2 offers within the first 2 weeks of registering. Current offers include Capri Sun (perfect for Ralphs), Ball Park Franks, Healthy Choice and more. It should be really easy to redeem 2 offers in 2 weeks.

    I’m not sure how long the $2 sign up credit offer will last, so join now while it’s still available!

    And thank you if you join(ed) Ibotta using my referral link!


    1. I was a little leary of Ibotta, but I was shocked to see that there were 10 offers on items I had purchased that morning at the store. I made a quick $8, I check it about once a week to see if there are any deals coming up, or items I bought. Easy Money!

      • Chief Family Officer says:

        I agree! One of the things I love most about Ibotta is that their offers are frequently for products I buy all the time 🙂