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  • Energy Saving Changes that Actually Save

    The following is a guest post from Jenna. Consideration was received for the editing and publishing of this post.

    Whether you’re a family or an individual, finding and opting for new energy plans is indeed possible. With the new trends in green energy that have emerged, there has been a paradigm shift towards eco-friendly energy plans for home owners. The biggest reason behind this is that they are beneficial in the long run and allow for contribution towards a sustainable future.

    Certain states, like Texas, are passing bills which will help alternative energy companies enter the market. Not only will new power providers be able to set up with alternative energy sources but existing companies will also be forced to have a percentage of their output come from a greener power source. This promotes not only greener energy but also more competition for business from local residents – and that’s a win for the consumer.

    Tax Incentives

    If you opt for a clean energy plan, there are tax incentives offered by the Federal government. In the same way, people in different states like Ohio, Texas and Michigan can consult with their utility providers for green energy plans. Ohio residents recently got approved for tax credit on energy efficiency for the years 2013-2015. These have been collectively termed as energy efficiency programs and are known for promotion of renewable energy technologies.

    Practical Examples

    Homeowners can enroll in energy efficiency programs that are cost effective and ideally suited for their needs. For instance, as many as 50,000 people in the south Texas have been a part of an energy efficiency program.

    The government of Texas, as well as other state governments, have introduced LoanSTAR programs, which provide loans for installing energy efficient products like solar panels, and not just to homeowners. For example, school owners can cut down their electricity costs in a big way. Similarly, the Texas Cool Schools grant program provides schools with cheaper HVAC systems.

    Additionally, consumers may now receive tax credits for opting for a renewable source of electricity. And, there are more subsidies available if a solar panel is installed.

    Use of Smart Meters

    It is possible for people in states like Texas and Ohio to use smart meters. These are digitized and come with a pre-fitted Advance Meter System (AMS). The benefit of these systems is that consumers are able to monitor their consumption online.

    Shopping for electricity

    When looking to lower electricity costs, you first need to identify the type of consumption, whether it’s domestic or industrial. Subsequent to that, identify those electrical products that are necessary. Do not opt for services that aren’t necessary and are just a mere burden on the monthly bill.

    Then it is also important to notice which hours in the area are considered peak hours. Residents of Texas can visit There are similar sites for other regions like Ohio.

    By enrolling in programs like those mentioned above, it’s possible for home owners to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future.