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  • There’s no virus! (Sorry about the Malware warning)

    Dearest CFO Readers:

    If you read CFO in Google Reader or Google Chrome today, you likely saw a malware warning from Google. I want to assure you that there is no virus or malware.

    Google has apparently (and incorrectly) decided that images from one of my favorite affiliate sites, Escalate Media, might contain malware. However, Escalate has assured its affiliates via email and on their Facebook page that there is NO malware, and that it is perfectly safe to visit chieffamilyofficer.com and click on the links. Not surprisingly, Google has not responded to Escalate’s efforts to remove the warning (does Google ever respond?), but Escalate is endeavoring to move their links to a different domain.

    As a website owner, as you might imagine, this is a horribly scary event – and the greatest fear is that you will run for the hills and never come back to CFO. So please stick around! I’ve removed all Escalate images from recent posts, but it will take an extremely long time to remove them all as they are in hundreds, if not thousands, of posts at this point. Please be assured that I am as careful as possible about what I post here, to maximize the quality to you, and I would never knowingly expose you to a virus or malware.

    Again, let me reiterate that there is no malware, and that visiting CFO and clicking on links in my posts is perfectly safe. And as always, thank you for being the best readers around!