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  • Rite Aid: September 2012 Single Check Rebates

    With all of the changes going on at Rite Aid, it’s nice that the Single Check Rebate program is still the same. The Single Check Rebates for September will be valid from Wednesday, September 5, through Tuesday, October 2, unless otherwise noted. There are more than 80 offers worth more than $350 in rebates on items a wide variety of items. The printed guide should be in stores soon and has details, including a limited time promo code, on Rite Aid’s new Halloween website featuring thousands of costumes and decor. I’ll have more info on that for you at a later date.

    September Single Check Rebates

    7″ Student Scissors

    8″ Titanium Scissors

    A&D Baby Ointment: Any A&D Product

    Advil: Children’s/Infant Advil

    Advil: Migraine, 20-24 ct.

    All Almay Face (Foundation, Powder, Blush & Concealers) (Bronzers will qualify as well though not in description)

    Allegra 180 mg 24 Hour Tablets, 30, 45 or 70 ct.

    Allegra Children’s 12 hr Tablets, 12 ct. or Liquid 4 oz.

    Anbesol Oral Care Product: Any Anbesol Product

    Arthricare: Gel, 2.6 oz.

    Balmex Cream, 4 oz., Cream Jar, 16 oz.

    Barbasol Shave Cream, 10 oz.

    BIC: Any BIC Stationary Product

    Boogie Wipes: Fresh, 30 ct.

    Burt’s Bees: Acne Product

    Callex Dry Heel Ointment: Callex UNG – burst, ‘Smoothes & softens dry, cracked heels.’

    Chapstick: Triple Pack

    Compound W Foot Care Products: Strips, 14 ct., Gel, .25 oz., Liquid, .31 oz.

    Crayola: Any Crayola Product. Excludes Markers, Crayons and Pencils

    Crazy Art: Any Crazy Art Product. Regular retail of items $5.99 or greater only.

    Elmer’s Glue Sticks: Glue Stick 1 ct. Large .77 oz., Glue Sticks, 3 ct. Only items pictured / listed will qualify towards rebate.

    Ex-Lax: Maximum Relief Pills, 90 ct.

    EZ Start Packaging Tapes, Duck Brand Color Duct Tape

    FiberCon: FiberCon Product

    First Alert Security Chest, #2011/2011F or 2013/2013F

    Gentle Naturals: Eczema Cream, 4 oz.,Cradle Cap Care, 4 oz.

    Gerber Good Start Formula: Good Start Formula

    Gerber Graduates: Snack Item

    Glam Camp: Maybelline Products, Sally Hansen Products, Rimmel Products, got2b Products, Cover Girl Products, Demeter Products. Rebate valid 8/1-10/2/12.

    Gracious Living Products: 3 Drawer Smart Tower on Wheels, 2 Drawer Desk Top, Macro 2 Drawer Flip Top Desk Organizer, File Tote on Wheels, Deluxe File Caddy, Flip Top 55 qt., Snap Top Tote 66 qu, Snap Top Tote 40 qt, Step Stool, Seal Tight Tote 1 gallon, Living Accessory Box, Laundry Basket

    GUD: Gud Product

    GUM: Eez-Thru Flossers 150 ct., Go-Between Cleaners, 8 ct., Soft-Picks, 40 ct., Value Pack Toothbrushes, 2 ct., Floss Threaders, 25 ct., GUM Star Wars Light Saber TB

    Itch X: Gel with Aloe, 1.25 oz.

    Krazy Glue: Krazy Glue Product

    Lice Shield: Shampoo & Conditioner in-1, 10 oz., Leave-In Spray, 5 oz. Not Available in all formulas.

    Little Noses: Saline .5 or 1 oz.

    Little Tummy’s: Gas Drops, .5 oz.

    Midnite: Sleepaid, 30 ct., PM Sleepaid, 28 ct.

    Monistat: 1 Day Yeast Treatment, 3 Day Yeast Treatment. Rebate only valid 9/23/12 – 9/29/12.

    Munchkin: Sea Squirters, 5pack, Gone Fishin Bath Toy, Munchkin Dora Cup, 9 oz., Easy Squeeze Spoon, Wonder Waterway

    Munchkin: Snack Catcher, Powered Formula Dispenser, Munchkin Safety Bath Ducky, Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoon, 6pack, Trainer Spoon

    Natrol Fast Dissolve: Biotin 5000mcg FD, 90 ct., CoQ10 100mg FT, 30 ct. Rebate only valid 9/30/12 – 10/13/12.

    Natrol Fast Dissolve: Cranberry 250mg FD, 120 ct., DHEA 25mg FD, 30 ct. Rebate only valid 9/30/12 – 10/13/12.

    Natrol Fast Dissolve: Melatonin 10mg FD, 60 ct., Melatonin 3mg FD, 90 ct., Vitamin B-12 5000mg FD, 30 ct., Vitamin D3 2000IU FD, 90 ct. Rebate only valid 9/30/12 – 10/13/12.

    Natrol Fast Dissolve: Melatonin 5mg Fast Dissolve 90 ct., 5-HTP 100mg Fast Dissolve, 30 ct. Rebate only valid 9/30/12 – 10/13/12.

    Neutrogena Acne Products

    Nicoderm CQ (Clear & Opaque) Starter Kits, 14 ct.

    Nicorette (Commit) Lozenges 72 ct. and 108 ct. (Mint, Cherry, Original) Nicorette Mint Lozenge 2 & 4 mg 81 ct. (Mint)

    Nicorette Gum: Nicorette Gum 2&4 mg 100-170 ct. (White Ice Mint, Original, Fresh Mint, Fruit Chill, Mint, Cinnamon)

    Nix: Crème Rinse, 2 oz. / 2-pack, Crème Rinse, 2 oz.

    NonyX Nail Gel: Nail Gel

    Options Conceptrol: Contraceptive Gel Pre-filled Applicators, 10 ct.

    Options Gynol II: Extra Strength Contraceptive Jelly , 2.85 oz.

    Orajel Baby: Gel, .33 oz.

    Pampers Easy Ups: Easy Ups.

    Paper Pro Stapler: Nano Mini Stapler. Assorted Colors. Spring Powered. 12-Sheet Capacity. Jam Free.

    Paper Pro Stapler: Compact Stapler. Assorted Colors. Spring Powered – 15 Sheet Capacity. Jam Free

    Pedialyte: Liquid, 33.8 oz.

    PediaSure: Any PediaSure Products (inculdes Side Kicks, 6-pack, 8 oz.)

    Playtex Baby Care Item

    Preparation H: Preparation H Product

    Pretty Woman: Magnetix Nail Polish

    Pretty Woman: Nail Items

    Pronto: Pronto Plus Spray, 5 oz., Pronto Plus Kit, Pronto Bedbug Spray, 3 oz.

    Pure Silk: Women’s Shave Cream, 8 oz.

    RenPure Haircare: Argan, Brazilian or REN Hair Care Products

    Revlon Beauty Tools: Revlon Eye Beauty Tools

    RID/Midol/Alka-Seltzer Plus/One A Day: RID Complete Kit, Any One a Day Vitamins 80 ct. or larger, Any Flintstones Vitamin, Any Alka Seltzer Plus, Midol, 24 ct. or larger

    Rite Aid Baby Care Thermometer

    Rite Aid: Sonic Toothbrush with UV System

    Safety First: Stroller

    Safety First: Baby Monitor

    Sally Hansen Beauty Tools: Any Beauty Tool. Rebate only valid 9/16-9/22/12.

    Sally Hansen Nail: Any Nail Enamel

    Salonpas Pain Relievers: Gel Patches, Jet Spray or Massage Foam, 4 oz.

    Sani Hands: Hand Sanitizing Wipes, 50 ct. Rebate only valid 9/2-9/8/12.

    Similac: Any Similac Formula, 22 oz or larger

    Specific Diabetes Items. – time frame is through 10/2.

    St. Joseph: Aspirin, 300 ct. May not be available in all stores.

    Theragesic Topical Analgesic: 3 oz.

    Today: Vaginal Contraceptive Sponge, 3 ct.

    Vaseline: Petroleum Jelly, 13. oz.

    Viviscal Hair Repair 30 ct.

    Wartner Wart Removal Kit, Compound W Freeze Off Kit, Compound W Freeze Off with Planter, 8 ct.

    Westcott: Scissor Mouse. May not be available in all stores.

    Zyrtec / Benadryl Products

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