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  • My Shopping Trip Today: Ralphs (2x!), Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, & More

    Monday is now my Shopping Day in my new time management system, so I headed out this morning after dropping my younger son off at preschool. Three hours later, I arrived home with my trunk looking like this:

    Here’s how it all got there:

    Stop #1: Ralphs #1
    See this week’s Ralphs match ups here.

    I bought:
    3 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
    4 boxes of General Mills Cereal Treat bars
    3 Dannon Danimals Crunchers (listed on the receipt as “Crunchables ^_^)
    2 Keebler cookies
    2 Brawny single rolls
    1 Arrowhead water 8-pack (I had a $1.50/1 coupon that Ralphs had mailed to me)

    Total after coupons and tax: $15.45
    Received: $2 Catalina for Daytona Mega Sale

    Stop #2: Rite Aid
    See this week’s Rite Aid match ups here.

    I completely forgot to see if the Blink tears had the $4 peelie or blinkie, but I did find a free-standing display of Pantene Aqua Light and Ice Shine. The reports of extra +UPs printing are true, but it might stop at any time. However, here’s what I did:

    Bought: 2 Pantene Aqua Light @ $3.50 each

    Used: $3/2 Pantene products from 2/26 Smart Source + $3 +UP from last week

    Total after coupons and tax: $1.61
    Received: 2 x $1 +UP and $2 +UP

    Stop #3: Ralphs #2
    I forgot to hand over one of my coupons at the first Ralphs, and still had other coupons that went with the Daytona Mega Sale. With my oldest on two teams and my youngest on one team, I decided that I couldn’t have enough Capri Sun or cereal bars. So I stopped at another store and bought:

    5 Capri Sun
    1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    4 General Mills Cereal Treat Bars

    Total after coupons and tax: $14.90
    Received: $2 Catalina for Daytona Mega Sale

    Stop #4: Michael’s
    I wanted a basket to organize some things on a bookcase, so I stopped by Michael’s. I had the 40% off coupon from the Sunday ad, but it’s only good on regular-price items and all baskets were on sale for 50% off. So I spent $7.06 total on a basket that’s now making my bookcase look a little neater.

    Stop #5: CVS
    See this week’s CVS match ups here.

    I had $21 in ECBs that expire this week, and I wanted to use them all since CVS may not be accepting expired ECBs anymore. So I bought:

    2 Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief
    1 Thermacare heat pad
    2 24-packs of Arrowhead water

    Total after coupons and tax: $2.38
    Received: $8 ECB for Colgate, $3.79 ECB for Thermacare, and $1 ECB for bringing my own reusable bag for the 4th time

    At $3.88 per pack, the Arrowhead water was about $1 more expensive than I would have liked, but we were running low on bottled water and I like to have a decent stash for emergencies (we do live in earthquake country, after all).

    Stop #6: Walgreens
    See this week’s Walgreens match ups here.

    I started off with three $2 RRs, and decided to see if the Huggies wipes are producing the random RR here that makes them free (alas, they are not). In two transactions, I got:

    1 Huggies wipes tub
    1 Belvita Breakfast biscuits
    1 Burt’s Bees drops
    4 Cortaid Cream
    6 candy bars (fillers)
    4 Nescafe Taster’s Choice 6-pack Sticks

    Total out of pocket after coupons and taxes: $1.69
    Left with: $2 RR for Burt’s Bees & $3 RR for Nescafe

    The Belvita printed a $1.99 RR, which I used in my second transaction – and although it said “$1.99” on it, it rang up as $2 off. Weird!

    Stop #7: Staples
    This was just a quick stop to drop off some DVDs that I am selling back to Amazon.

    Thanks to Camille for reminding me that they pay for the shipping!

    Stop #8: Costco
    I picked up bread and bananas for a total of $5.58.

    Yes, I am still paralyzed by indecision on my bread machine purchase, because Costco doesn’t have any right now.

    Stop #9: Post Office
    I dropped off a package – a computer game that I sold on Amazon (and made $12 back on my original purchase).

    Some Thoughts

    I picked Monday as my shopping day because my husband usually works from home, and this way I can give him some true time alone in the house while I’m gone. It’s a great way to shop because I want to be gone, and so I can be patient with multiple transactions, discussing coupon usage with cashiers, etc. It’s also a great time to run errands, like those stops at Staples and the post office.

    I’d gotten away from drugstore shopping in the last six months or so, and weekly trips like this will help me build my stockpile, accumulate items to donate, and roll my store rewards, while keeping my out of pocket costs low. My drugstore spending today was only $5.68 for 2 hair care products, 2 toothpaste, a heat patch, 2 packs of bottled water, baby wipes, breakfast biscuits, cough drops, 4 tubes of cortisone, candy and instant coffee. That’s just amazing – and the perfect example of why I love The Drugstore Game!