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  • Whole Foods sales

    I stopped by Whole Foods this morning for the $7.99/lb salmon sale, and discovered that they are having a few other sales as well:

    Whole Chickens are $0.99/lb – that’s such a phenomenal price that I bought three to freeze, and am thinking about going back for more since the sale goes through Sunday. (I’ve never seen whole chickens priced this low at WF before – usually they’re $1.99/lb.)

    Seasoned Chicken is $1.99/lb

    All Beer is 20% off

    Turkey is on sale – I didn’t buy any, and didn’t take notes, so I can’t remember the exact prices, but wings and breasts were definitely on sale.

    The signs for these sales were up in my store, but I would recommend calling ahead to your store to make sure they’re doing the same thing. Unless you’re planning to go for the salmon anyway – $7.99/lb is $9 off, so it’s a spectacular price for a super healthy protein source. I’ll be making Salmon Furikake with rice and squash simmered with a sweet soy sauce for dinner tonight.


    1. Laura Ellett says:

      At my Whole Foods (McLaughlin & National) it said it was a one day sale (Jan 20th). We had the chicken, salmon and beer, but I didn’t see the Turkey. Thanks for the heads up! I got a few chickens to freeze and some salmon.

      • Chief Family Officer says:

        Awesome! I definitely think I am going to have to get more chicken on Sunday – it’s such a good price!