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  • Ralphs Match-ups: 1/25 – 1/31/2012

    Note: This summary of deals is based on the ad I get in Los Angeles, where Ralphs stores double coupons up to $1 (one like coupon per transaction). I don’t list all of the deals, only the good ones. If I missed any, please let us all know in the comments. Learn about shopping at Ralphs, including their coupon policy, here.

    I’ve marked what I consider to be stock-up prices with an asterisk (*). It may not be the lowest price I’ve ever seen, but it’s low enough that I think it’s worth buying extra if it’s something you buy regularly.

    There’s a new Mega Sale, so you’ll get $5 off at checkout when you buy 10 participating items. I’ve listed the items included in the ad, but there should be more in store so keep an eye out for shelf tags. Prices listed are after Mega Sale discount:

    *Hunt’s Tomatoes $0.59
    $0.45/3 Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes 01/22/2012 SS Insert (exp 03/04/2012)
    $0.40/2 Hunt’s Tomatoes printable
    $0.19 each WYB 2

    Pepsi Soft Drinks 2-liter $0.99

    Lay’s Potato Chips or Kettle Cooked Potato Chips $1.99

    Mission Brown Bag Tortilla Chips $1.99

    Ritz or Nabisco Snack Crackers $2.49
    $2/3 Nabisco Honey Maid, Newtons, Ritz, Crackerfuls, Teddy Grahams, Snack Well’s, Wheat Thins, 100 Cal and Triscuit 01/08/2012 SS Insert (exp 01/27/2012)
    $1/2 Nabisco Crackers printable
    $1/2 Nabisco Crackers Facebook printable
    $1/2 Nabisco Crackers printable
    As low as $1.82 each WYB 3

    Oroweat Bread $2.49

    Cheez-It Crackers $2.99

    *Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers $0.99

    *Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammers $1.79

    *Kleenex $0.99
    $0.50/3 Kleenex Facial Tissues 01/01/2012 SS Insert (exp 01/29/2012)
    $0.50/1 Kleenex Cool Touch Facial Tissue 01/01/2012 SS Insert (exp 01/29/2012), if included in sale
    $1/5 Kleenex Facial Tissue printable {no longer available?}
    As low as FREE

    Marie Callender’s Entree or Pot Pie $1.99
    $1/3 Marie Callender’s Frozen Single Serve Meals printable
    $1.66 each WYB 3

    Daisy Sour Cream or Brummel & Brown $1.99

    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter $1.99
    $1/2 I Cant Believe it’s Not Butter Tub printable {no longer available?}
    $1.49 each WYB 2

    *Tropicana OJ or Trop50 $2.49

    Post Cereal $2.49 (Honey Bunches of Oats pictured)
    $1/1 Post Honey Bunches of Oats Fruit Blends printable
    $0.55/1 Post Pebbles Cereal 01/15/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/26/2012)
    $1/1 Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal printable

    Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $2.49
    $0.75/2 Quaker Chewy Granola or SmashBars printable
    $0.75/2 Quaker Chewy Granola or SmashBar Bars 01/08/2012 RP Insert (exp 02/18/2012)
    $1.99 each WYB 2

    Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat $2.79
    $1/2 Oscar Mayer Carving Board or Cold Cuts printable, if included in sale
    $1/2 Oscar Mayer Carving Board or Cold Cuts 01/22/2012 SS Insert (exp 03/18/2012), if included in sale
    $2.29 each WYB 2

    Claussen Pickles $2.79

    Lipton Naturals Tea or Propel Fitness Water $0.49

    Kraft Singles $2.99
    $0.55/2 Kraft Cheese 01/15/2012 SS (exp 02/15/2012)
    $2.49 each WYB 2

    Dreyer’s Ice Cream $3.49

    *DiGiorno Pizza $4.99
    $1/1 Digiorno Pizza Facebook printable
    $1/2 Digiorno Pizzas printable
    $1/2 DiGiorno Large Pizzas 01/15/2012 SS (exp 01/28/2012)
    As low as $3.99

    California Pizza Kitchen Pizza $4.99

    Tostitos Chips or Salsa $2.49

    *Balance Bar $0.49

    *Kraft Easy Mac or Velveeta Shells & Cheese $0.49

    SoBe Juice, Tea or Lifewater $0.79

    Frank’s Red Hot Wings Sauce $1.49
    $0.75/1 Frank’s Redhot Sauce 01/22/2012 SS Insert (exp 03/31/2012)

    *Hormel Chili or Chili Master $0.99
    $0.55/2 Hormel Chili Products printable {no longer available?}
    $0.49 each WYB 2

    Monster Energy Drink $0.99

    Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.49

    Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese or Velveeta Shells & Cheese $1.49
    $0.75/1 Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese or Velveeta Shells & Cheese Ralphs ecoupon {available 1/25 only}

    Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks $1.99

    Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts $1.99
    $1/3 3 Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts SavingStar ecoupon
    $1.66 each WYB 3

    Heinz Ketchup $1.99

    Kraft Salad Dressing $1.99
    $0.75/2 Kraft Dressing 01/22/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/19/2012)
    $1.49 each WYB 2

    Healthy Choice Entree or Steamer $1.99
    $1/2 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers printable
    $0.75/2 Healthy Choice Frozen Cafe Steamers 01/01/2012 SS Insert (exp 03/31/2012)
    $1.49 each WYB 2

    Pepperidge Farm Frozen Bread or Dessert $1.99

    Keebler Cookies $1.99

    Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables $1.99
    $0.50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites Variety 01/08/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/28/2012), if included in sale
    $1/3 Birds Eye or Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetable Products printable {log in}
    As low as $0.99

    *Barbara’s Cereal or Bars $2.49

    Nestle Toll House Ready to Bake Cookies $2.99
    $1/1 Nestle Toll House Christmas Characters Sugar Cookies 12/04/2011 RP Insert (exp 02/14/2012) {does any store still have these??}
    $1.25/2 Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough printable
    As low as $1.99

    Ore-Ida Potatoes $3.49

    Arrowhead Water 24-pack $3.49

    All Laundry Detergent $3.99
    $1/1 All Laundry Detergent 01/01/2012 RP Insert (exp 02/12/2012)

    Snuggle Fabric Softener $3.99
    $0.50/1 Snuggle Fabric Softener, Liquid or Dryer Sheets 01/01/2012 RP Insert (exp 02/12/2012)

    Gatorade or G2 9-pack $5.49

    Wanchai Ferry or Macaroni Grill Skillet Meal $5.99
    $1.50/1 Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit printable

    Brawny Paper Towels 6 Big Rolls $6.99
    $0.55/1 Brawny Big Roll printable {no longer available?}
    $1/1 Brawny Paper Towels Facebook printable

    Quilted Northern Bath Tissue 12 Double Rolls $6.99

    Maxwell House or Yuban Coffee $8.49
    $1.50/1 Maxwell House Coffee or Yuban Coffee Ralphs eCoupon

    SunnyD $0.99
    $0.55/2 Sunny Delight Products 01/08/2012 SS Insert (exp 03/31/2012)
    $0.49 each WYB 2

    M&M’s candy $2.99
    $1/1 M&M’s Brand Products, p. 68 Feb 2012 All You (exp 02/20/2012)
    $1.50/2 M&Ms, Snickers or Twix Minis, Minis Mix or Dove Promises 01/22/2012 RP (exp 03/04/2012)
    As low as $1.99

    Ralphs OJ Gallon $3.49

    Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Beverage $1.99
    $1/2 Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk Chilled or Shelf Table 10/16/2011 SS Insert (exp 01/31/2012)
    $1.49 each WYB 2

    Cascadian Farm Frozen Vegetables or Potatoes $1.99

    *Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips $2.19
    $1/2 Garden of Eatin Chips 01/22/2012 SS Insert (exp 03/22/2012)
    $1.69 each WYB 2

    Honest Tea $0.75

    *Mom’s Best Naturals Cereal $0.99
    $1/2 Mom’s Best Naturals Cereals printable
    $0.49 each WYB 2

    Nutella $3.99
    $1/2 Nutella Hazelnut Spread Facebook printable
    $3.49 each WYB 2

    Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.49

    Van’s Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast Sticks $1.99

    Hebrew National Beef Franks $2.99

    Clorox Bleach $1.49

    Hormel No Bean Chili $1.69
    $0.55/2 Hormel Chili Products printable {no longer available?}
    $1.19 each WYB 2

    Mission Low Carb Flour Tortilla $3.49

    Axe Shower Gel $3.49
    $2/2 Axe Products Ralphs eCoupon
    $2.49 each WYB 2

    Dove or Degree Deodorant $3.49

    Crest Pro-Health or Whitening Toothpaste $2.99
    $0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste 01/01/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2012)
    $0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste Liquid Gel Ralphs eCoupon

    Handi-Foil Foilware $3.29

    Kingsford or Matchlight Instant Charcoal $5.49

    Advil Pain Reliever $4.49
    $1/1 Advil Product printable

    Melitta #4 Cone or Bamboo Cone Coffee Filters $2.99
    $1/1 Melitta Cone Filters Facebook printable

    Johnson’s Baby Care $2.49
    $1/1 Johnson & Johnson Baby products 01/08/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/19/2012)
    $1/1 Johnson’s Baby Oil Product printable

    *Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel $1.49
    $0.55/1 Edge Shave Gel 01/15/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/26/2012)
    $0.55/1 Skintimate Shave Gel 01/15/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/26/2012)


    Lean Cuisine Entree $2 each WYB 5
    $1/5 Lean Cuisine Varieties 01/01/2012 SS Insert (exp 03/31/2012)
    $1.80 each WYB 5

    Dannon Yogurt $2.50 (Danimals & Activia pictured)
    $1/1 Dannon Activia or Stonyfield Activia Yogurt 01/15/2012 SS (exp 02/11/2012)
    $1/1 Dannon Activia Feb 2012 All You
    $1/1 Dannon Danimals Crunchers Feb 2012 All You
    $0.50/1 Dannon Danimals Crunchers Ralphs eCoupon
    As low as $1.50

    Jell-O Temptations, Pudding or Gelatin $3
    $0.60/1 JELL-O Refrigerated Snacks 01/08/2012 SS Insert (exp 02/28/2012)

    Pantene Pro-V Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler $3.33
    $3/2 Pantene Products 01/01/2012 P&G Insert (exp 01/31/2012)
    $1.83 each WYB 2

    Foster Farms Boneless Chicken Breasts $5.99
    $1/1 Foster Farms Boneless Skinless Fresh Chicken Breast item 01/08/2012 (exp 03/31/2012)

    Nature Sweet Cherry Tomatoes $3
    $0.55/1 NatureSweet Cherry Tomaotes printable



    *Boneless Top Sirloin Steak or Whole Untrimmed Tri-Tips $2.99/lb

    *Boneless Pork Loin $2.99/lb

    Foster Farms Split Chicken Breasts, Drumsticks or Thighs $1.99/lb

    *Boneless Beef Short Ribs $3.99

    Boneless Corned Beef Brisket $3.49

    Atlantic Salmon Fillets $5.99


    *Roma Tomatoes $0.49/lb

    *Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers $0.99 each

    *Broccoli or Cauliflower $0.99/lb

    Blackberries $2/pkg

    Minneola Tangelos $0.99/lb

    Red Seedless Grapes $1.99/lb

    Fresh Selections Baby Bella Mushrooms $2.50

    *Organic Russet Potatoes $2.99/5-lb bag

    Organic Hass Avocados $1.25

    Organic Braeburn or Red Delicious Apples $1.29/lb

    Private Selection Organic Salad $4.99


    Van de Kamp’s Buns or Bread $1.25

    Ralphs Milk Gallon $3.19

    Ralphs Yogurt Cups $0.50

    *Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Deodorant $0.88

    Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap 7.5 oz $0.88

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    1. Serene Love says:

      Pepsi Soft Drinks 2-liter $0.99
      99¢ Store has Pepsi 2-Liter everyday price plus selective other Pepsi Products.

      Same for 7up Products, 99¢ too everyday.

      No need to buy 10 products or buy 4 or some combination to get 99¢ price often found at Ralphs, Vons/Pavilions, Stater Bros, and other markets.

    2. Ralphs- Balance Bars .49: like on facebook = coupon for $1.00 off three. Bonus: you can print 3 coupons

    3. There is a $1.00 catalina printing on the kleenex mega event boxes when you buy 5, making it an even better deal!

      • Chief Family Officer says:

        Thanks, Michelle! I think you also get a $1.50 cat WYB 6 and a $2 cat WYB 7+. Also, the Cool Touch is reportedly included, so better than free tissue if your store doubles multiples!