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  • Couponing for Good

    Last month, I discovered that some friends were part of a giving circle and that they were buying holiday presents for a needy family. They graciously allowed us to join them in the giving, so we gave a gift for each family member, and I also put together a large collection of toiletries and beauty products. Most of the toiletries were free or super cheap thanks to The Drugstore Game, but I realized I had far fewer items to give than I could have because I hadn’t shopped that much in the fall.

    Prices have definitely gone up in the last couple of years, and I feel like I have to work harder to get the deals. Consequently, my stockpile is about two-thirds of the size it used to be.

    So one of the things I want to do in 2012 is build my stockpile back up, so that I can give more. I’ve been going to one drugstore a week, usually CVS – so maybe I will start going to two drugstores a week to get more items.

    Do you “Coupon for Good”?


    1. I plan to “Coupon for Good” a lot more this year. I think there is a lot more hunger and need in our communities than most of us are aware of. Many people may have a roof over there heads, but no food because they are struggling to keep their homes, etc. I set aside a few dollars a month, to buy inexpensive (or free) items with coupons & donate them. My budget is only about $5 a month but it goes a long way! About a week ago Albertsons had those Betty Crocker potato pouches (we don’t use them) for only $.09 after coupon. I bought four of those to donate. I either donate to the food bank at our local catholic church. Or my mom works for a non-profit that has a small pantry, for clients who really need it. It saddens me deeply to think there are children going hungry in my community. I hope to make a difference, even if it’s a small one.

      • Chief Family Officer says:

        Corina, I love your plan and implementation. I think I’ll do the same, and set aside a small amount each month just for “Couponing for Good” – Vons has free Colgate and cheap Chapstick this week, so I think I’ll start there 🙂

    2. This is my plan as well….My heart had been wanting to help a single parent and the Lord placed her right under my nose. My plan this year is to help her…so I am getting organized and ready. She is a single mother with 2 kids and she is out of work and unemployment is not going to far. I’m excited….:)

    3. Coupon Cal says:

      I pass along our surplus to a number of places: the special education classroom at our local school, a local single-mother of a special needs child, and MEND. To learn more about MEND, check out this link: http://www.mendpoverty.org/