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  • Anti-SOPA day


    Some of the world’s biggest web sites are down today to protest a proposed U.S. law called SOPA – the Stop Online Piracy Act. The law is much broader than its name indicates, and would result in tremendous censorship and limitation of what is online. Blogs like Chief Family Officer (and much bigger ones like Wikipedia and Boing Boing) might well end up out of business because of SOPA. I’m not closing down CFO today (it’s Ralphs match ups day, after all), but please take a moment to let your legislators know of your opposition to this proposed law. You can learn more here.


    1. I just read that the senator or congressman or whoever started the SOPA bill has decided to drop it and it wont go any further.

      • Chief Family Officer says:

        Yes! Apparently the demonstration by the big sites really had an impact. Woo hoo! Thanks, CJ!