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  • Evening Roundup: Turning Cleaning Up Into A Race

    I know this is nothing new, but it really worked well for me today so I thought I’d just share that challenging your child to a race can help spur them to do whatever it is you want them to do. In my case, I wanted my oldest to clear the living room floor of the pillows and toys that he and his brother had strewn around, and he dillied and dallied until I told him what I was trying to get done and that I bet I would finish first. He was very pleased with himself for beating me, and I was pleased that the cleaning was done without argument!

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    1. My children still talk about the Swiffer Train. When they were little, our tile floors (no carpet in the house) were always pretty clean. How? We had a variety of “swiffer-type” cleaners. Our 5 children would each use one (I switched to rags), get in line and shout, “All Aboard!” Then off they’d go, swiffering as they played! The Swiffer Train easily morphed to Swiffer NASCAR, Swiffer Kentucky Derby, Swiffer Hockey, etc. Only 1 is still at home, and his favorite chore is still swiffering.