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  • Back to School Lunch Tip: Freeze PB&J Sandwiches

    Back in the day before food allergies banished all peanut products from our house, I discovered a great tip from Clever Dude: Freeze pre-made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

    It’s a simple concept – take a loaf of bread, make a bunch of sandwiches assembly-line style, bag or wrap them individually, and freeze. The photo you see is from Clever Dude’s how-to post, which is excellent.

    For the brief period of time that I was able to do this, it worked fabulously. I can’t imagine anything easier for a school lunch – add some grapes or applesauce, a drink, a napkin and maybe a cookie, and you’re good to go. That should take less than 5 minutes in the morning to get your kid’s lunch ready.

    What are your easiest back to school lunches?


    1. great idea!

    2. Chief Family Officer says:

      Thanks, Kimberly – hope it helps you :)

    3. Anonymous says:

      Love it! How about Sunflower butter, Cashew butter or almond butter? YUM! I have even heard of Pistachio butter, but I've never had it. Sounds so good.