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  • Afternoon Coffee: More Deals

    Common Sense with Money has this week’s Copps/Rainbow Foods/Pick N Save deals.

    Download free Mozart for babies from Munchkin.

    Here are some tips for maximizing your dollars at HEB (they seem to have locations in Texas only).

    A Thrifty Mom has a guest post with a detailed explanation of how to buy cheap (new) clothes for kids.

    Money Saving Mom shares four ways to save on laundry detergent. I was most fascinated by her target price of $2 for a 48 load bottle, because mine is $2 for a 32 load bottle. I’m wondering if this is a function of our geographical location, or the fact that I use HE detergent. I know I’ve missed out on some great laundry detergent deals because of the HE factor – a lot of stores don’t carry the HE variety. So, for instance, I missed out on the free Purex at Walgreens at the beginning of the month. Also, my preferred detergent is All Free & Clear HE, and the Small & Mighty version comes in a 32 load bottle, which I can regularly get on sale for $1.99. So is that the difference? Or is Crystal just a better shopper? I’m inclined to think it’s the latter 🙂

    Banner via Logical Media


    1. That's an awesome target price for laundry detergent. We recently tried the all free & clear and liked it, so i think we're ditching the loyalty to the oh-so-pricey Tide Free.

      On the topic of target prices, what's your target price for dishwashing liquid? You know, the stuff at the sink — palmolive, dawn, joy, whatever. Last year there were excellent coupons to combine with sales and CVS so mine was about 23 cents for the 10 oz bottles (sometimes got it for free). I'm through my stash and the coupons aren't as good this year. Help me revise my target price?

    2. Chief Family Officer says:

      @Julie – I'm sorry, I won't be much help b/c I've been able to stay stocked on free dishwashing liquid. It's mostly Dawn Hand Renewal, thanks to the 99 cents or $1 sales, combined with the $1/1 coupon that's been in the Home Made Simple booklets. I also got 5 or 6 free Dawn Direct Foam during a catalina deal at Pavilions (Safeway). I'll try to keep my eyes open to give you a heads up if there's some free dish detergent coming up.