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  • The Drugstore Game This Week: Starter Rite Aid Transactions 2/28 – 3/6/10

    If you’re new to playing The Drugstore Game, these transactions should help you get started. If you don’t understand the transactions, read my Drugstore Game Primer, Common Sense with Money’s FAQ, and my explanation of How to Play The Drugstore Game at Rite Aid.

    You’ll find a list of this week’s Rite Aid deals here.

    Transaction Idea:
    1 Listerine Pocket Packs $3.99
    1 Albolene Cleanser $7.99
    1 Acnomel Acne Treatment or Proantinox $6.99
    1 Gillette Satin Care $1.99

    – $5/$20 from Rite Aid Video Values
    – 50 cents/1 selected Listerine products from 1/3 RP
    – 55 cents/1 Satin Care from 2/7 P&G

    Pay: $14.91 + tax
    Receive: $3 SCR for Listerine, $7 SCR for Albolene, $6 SCR for Acnomel or Proantinox, $1 SCR for Gillette (total SCR = $17)

    Note: Some regions received $1/1 Listerine and Satin Care coupons, which would lower your out of pocket expenses a little more.

    If you don’t have a $5/$20 Video Values coupon, you could print the $3/$15 coupon (pdf) and do the following:

    Alternate Transaction Idea:
    1 Efferdent tablets $5.99
    1 Gillette Satin Care $1.99
    1 Albolene Cleanser $7.99

    – $3/$15 coupon
    – 55 cents/1 Efferdent from 1/31 SS
    – 55 cents/1 Satin Care from 2/7 P&G

    Pay: $11.87 + tax
    Receive: $5 SCR for Efferdent, $1 SCR for Gillette, and $7 SCR for Albolene (total SCR = $13)

    Note: Some regions received $1/1 Efferdent and Satin Care coupons, which would lower your out of pocket expenses a little more.

    The concept you’re hopefully grasping from the above scenarios is that the $/$$ coupons are what allow you to “make” money in these transactions. Just remember not to abuse them or Rite Aid won’t make them available anymore!

    I wouldn’t call this last scenario a starter transaction, but it’s what I’m planning to do to get some really cheap cereal and shaving gel:

    6 boxes Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon cereal (the boys really liked the sample box they tried last week) B1G1 approx $4.50 each (note: the cereal was $4.99 at my store)
    1 Gillette Satin Care $1.99

    – $3/$15 coupon
    – FREE Kashi Heart to Heart from Vocalpoint
    – 3 x $1.50/1 Kashi Heart to Heart from Vocalpoint
    – $1.50/1 Kashi Heart to Heart printable coupon
    – 55 cents/1 Satin Care from 2/7 P&G

    Pay: $1.44 + tax
    Receive: $1 SCR for Gillette

    Update 2/28/10:
    I had some difficulty with the scenario I posted, because the register wouldn’t accept any coupons after the $3/$15. I don’t know if it’s a quirk with that particular coupon, but my coupons scanned fine when I had them void the transaction and just ring up two boxes of cereal and the shaving gel. I used the free Kashi coupon and paid $1.63 including tax, and I’ll get a $1 SCR for the Satin Care.


    1. Please let us know if Rite aid has the Heart to Heart cereal, and if it is also B1G1 free. I would like to do the same transaction, but I don't usually do Rite Aid, so I don't want to waste the trip.

    2. Chief Family Officer says:

      @Rebecca – Yes, the sale includes Heart to Heart (though my store only had the Honey Toasted and not the Warm Cinnamon). The register wouldn't accept my Kashi q's, and I'm not sure why. The lead cashier thought it was because it didn't want accept q's on the "free" product, but I don't think that was it since it wouldn't accept any q's after the $3/$15.