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  • Afternoon Coffee: Getting ready for the weekend

    Life as Mom has a guest post suggesting one way of rotating your stockpile to ensure you’re using the older items first. If you’re starting to stockpile, I definitely recommend some kind of system. I’m still working on mine, so I may give this one a try!

    Coco & Me has what looks to be an amazing cheesecake recipe.

    Over at The World of Wealth, Meg has answered questions from her grandfather about investing in bonds, and questions from her little sister about how to invest her IRA. Her family is too cute! Also, congratulations are in order – she passed the Certified Financial Planner exam!

    Passion for Savings has a scenario for a moneymaker deal on Glade candles at Kmart. (Via Common Sense with Money.)

    Five Cent Nickel reports that AT&T and Verizon have reduced the prices of their wireless plans due to competition. We’re grandfathered into a good deal, but I’m going to check out the current deals to see if we can get something better.

    Pink & Posh is giving away a Custom Designed “I Love NY” Flip MinoHD Video Camera. Ends 2/14.


    1. I never thought about rotating our stockpile. That would sure cut down on how much I end up tossing because it's old!

    2. Thanks so much!!