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  • Works for Me: Use a rubber band to save on hand soap

    As I mentioned yesterday, the boys have started using up hand soap like crazy. I can’t complain too much, since it means they’re using the bathroom and washing their hands by themselves. But just because the soap was free after sale and coupon doesn’t mean I want to waste it.

    So to reduce the amount that comes out with each pump, I wrapped a small rubber band around the pump, which prevents the pump from going all the way down. (I think I picked this tip up from someone at A Full Cup, but I can’t seem to find the post.) The boys are now getting about half the amount of soap that they used to – still too much, in my opinion, but a significant improvement!

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    1. The Allen Family says:

      What a genius idea! Thanks for sharing!

    2. Chocolateer says:

      Brilliant!!! I hate walking into the bathroom and finding a sink full of suds….I cringe at how much soap was used to produce all those suds!

    3. Christy says:


    4. Great idea!

    5. I feel the same way about the cost of soap…and I am so glad you posted this!!! Thanks!

    6. Have you tried the foaming hand soap? You have to buy the special container (usually comes with soap though for about the same cost). When you need to refill it, use the regular soap refill. Put in an inch or so of soap and fill the rest of the way with water to within an inch of the top (pour the water in slowly to not make suds). Put the top on and now shake to mix. Now you are using a lot less soap with each pump and still getting clean!

    7. Heather says:

      Too much soap is a constant problem at my house too. Thanks so much for posting this brilliant idea!

    8. Ok I'm just being totally blonde, but I don't understand how this is done.

    9. Chief Family Officer says:

      @Kristin – I will try to post a picture, but basically, wrap a rubber band around the part of the pump that goes down when you push the pump. The idea is to use the rubber band to create a barrier that prevents the pump from going all the way down.

    10. OOOOOOH I get it! Wow. That is a great tip! Thank you!