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  • Today’s Amazon Friday Sale: Does anyone use a pressure cooker?

    I’ve been noticing pressure cookers in Amazon’s Friday Saleslately, and have been wondering if I’d use one. The Wearever 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker(pictured) is on sale for $69.99. But I have lots of questions, so does anyone have a pressure cooker? Do you use it? What do you make in it? What qualities should I look for? Do you think it would save me time and money and/or help me be a better cook? Thanks for any thoughts!

    The other thing that caught my eye this week is the Sensio Bella Cucina Rocket Blender.It’s only $19.99, and I’ve been looking for a new blender for a while now. The only thing is, this seems to be good for smoothies but maybe not for the other kinds of blending I do – for soups, sauces and things like that. But I do mostly make smoothies so I’m thinking about it . . .


    1. Her Royal Highness says:

      Unitaskers are bad, CFO! If it doesn't serve ALL of your blending purposes…I warn you against buying it 🙂 Put that $20+shipping toward a more sturdy model.

    2. Clean ClutterFree Simple says:

      Pressure cookers are great for beans especially.

    3. Christy says:

      @HRH, you must watch Alton Brown! That is his mantra… "The only unitasker in the kitchen should be the fire extinguisher!"

      @CFO, We have a "Magic Bullet" blender. While we use it quite a bit, I really wish that I had a big traditional blender instead. I end up doing big quantities of blending in batches, and that's a pain!

    4. Taralee says:

      We've got a pressure cooker and love it! We use it to cook roasts instead of a clow cooker. It'll do an average sized roast in 45-60 minutes and they come out REALLY tender!

      You can also use them to quickly cook potatoes for mashing.

      Mostly we use our for roasts though, haven't had enough time to try out anything else with it yet.

    5. If you do decide to get a rocket blender (I often only want to make one or two small smoothies or chop a couple of nuts or an onion so it's perfect), I read good reviews at several different sites for this. Amazon sells it through Macy's but if you purchase it directly through macy's (in store or on line), you can submit for a $10 rebate if you buy before July 26. I ordered online so with shipping it'll be about $17 after the rebate…good deal for me! The rebate is available on the product page, or here…

    6. cindyasnnes says:

      I have a pressure cooker handed down from my mom. It is wonderful for tougher cuts of meat…it makes them very tender. TaraLee mentioned roasts. I also use it for round steaks, to make swiss steak, etc. and for any veggie you want to cook quickly with minimal water. I don't use it as much as my slow cooker, but I do like it.

    7. Estelle says:

      Pressure cookers are probably as popular in Europe as slow cookers are in the US. My mom uses hers to make soups, they get done in no time. You can also use it to cook beans, lentils, and other vegetables that would normally take so long to cook. Because the cooking time is so low, the food keeps more of its nutrients.

      I personally prefer immersion blenders to any other kinds of blenders. I paid mine $25 over 5 years ago and I use it almost everyday.

    8. MetaMommy says:

      I'm with Estelle with regards to the immersion blender. I use it for smoothies in a cup, soups in a pot, etc. I have a regular blender, but I seldom use it. The time savings in cleaning alone is a huge benefit.

    9. I use my pressure cooker for beans pretty exclusively, but my mother in law uses hers for soups and tough cuts of meat ALL the time.

      I'm going to go along with the previous two comments and suggest an immersion blender, especially for what you use your blender for!

    10. Chief Family Officer says:

      Thanks everyone! I never really thought about using my immersion blender for smoothies … but now I think I might get rid of my blender altogether and see if I can live without it. I hate the thing, so if that works out, I'll be thrilled! 😀

    11. Chief Family Officer says:

      @Val – Thanks so much for the rebate info!