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  • Kmart Super Doubles: I’m less than impressed but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go

    I went to Kmart for their double coupon event for the first time ever and I doubt I’ll ever go back. This is probably largely due to the fact that the Kmart I went to was, well, not particularly nice. Which is strange, because it’s in a good area. But it’s dark and not well-stocked. I couldn’t find a lot of the items I went to buy.

    That said, it’s always a rush to get things for free – especially when it’s things you really use, like wipes. I just wish they’d had the other things I’d planned to get for free too.

    To figure out if your local store is doubling, you can check the weekly ad for your area at the Kmart web site. If one of the circulars has a red square that says “Super Double $2” in the bottom left corner, then your store is probably doubling. To be certain, you could call the store or Kmart’s corporate offices. I just went in and, before I started shopping, asked the woman at the customer service desk if they were doubling.

    You can find a list of the rules and coupon match-ups for free or cheap items at Common Sense with Money.


    1. Tia @ Tia Saving Cents says:

      Oh No! I am sorry your trip was not a good one. I am planning to make my trip tomorrow and I am hoping that they have some of what I am going for. The good store I used to hit by work closed and now I will have to venture to the old one near my house. Maybe it isn’t worth it? Hmmm…

    2. Yeah, I wasn’t terribly impressed either, although I got some good deals on diapers ($1.50 coupons doubled to $3). I went on Sunday morning and it was kind of a surreal experience with all the bargain-hunters.

    3. I got one free item and a small handful of things for less than a $1. The selection was LIMITED; I don’t mean to say the store was out, it just didn’t carry that much of a selection. Also the prices were terribly high. Things are cheaper at nearby stores despite the double coupon deal. This was my first time participating in super doubles and I was disappointed.

    4. Christina says:

      My area wasn’t doing doubles this week, but in the past when I have gone, I’ve had a very similar experience. Why does Kmart feel like it’s stuck in 1987???

      I was able to get a few good deals, but there wasn’t a lot of selection.

    5. Kristy @ Master Your Card says:

      I hate it when that happens! You go into a store with a nice special going on only to find out they don’t have anything you’re looking for! So frustrating!

      But, I’m not really a big fan of Kmart anyway, so I’m not sure I would have been lured even by the doubling. In fact, I’m not even sure where the closest one to me is. But, Kmart always seems to be low on stuff whenever I went it. It was always a hassle to find things, the employees were never very friendly, ugh! The whole experience was terrible, so much so that I’d rather spend the money to go somewhere else.

      Still, at least you got the wipes, right? That’s a silver lining, albeit a small one. But, it’s still a freebie!

    6. I tried their doubles a while back as well and was not impressed at all. The store was poorly stocked and anything remotely a good deal was out. I find that the local Kmart is overpriced which explains why it is constant empty of customers.

    7. I always have something annoying happen! This time it was a $3/5 scenario I was using a coupon on.

      I’m being advised by Kmart that their policy when you have a coupon for multiple items (i.e. $2/3) is that the coupon will not double if the coupon amount is equal to more than the retail price of a single item.

      So for example- if something is $3/5 ($1.66 each) and you have a coupon that is $2/3 it will not double because the $2 coupon is more than $1.66.

    8. Anonymous says:

      Well me, my mom, and all my sisters had a wonderful experience. we all went on several days and times and all together we saved several hundred in coupons. free or nearly free, cereal, juice, lotions, toilet paper, candy, nail art, make up, face products, cleaning products, etc. It appeared that our K Mart even restocked. Cheers to double coupon days.

    9. My combined totals for 3 trips this week was $124.18 before, $9.37 after. Everything I got was free except for 15 cans of cat food and 2 bags of Hershey Bliss. Yeah for KMart double/triple week!