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  • Meet my blogroll: Cheap Healthy Good

    This is the first installment in what will be a long – dare I say endless – introduction to the blogs I read. I read some of these daily, some of them weekly, and some of them monthly. But they all have a place in my Google Reader, and there are literally hundreds of them. The added benefit of this series is that I will update my blogroll as I write these posts, since that’s not something I do regularly.

    It was tough to pick one blog to start with, but since I’d mentioned it in my last article roundup, I figured I’d stick with my favorite food blog, Cheap Healthy Good.

    CHG is commanded by Kristen Swensson, who is aided by cohorts Leigh Angel, Jaime Green, and Rachel. Kris writes most of the posts, and is the funny, wry, “I wish she was my friend in real life” voice of CHG, but Leigh, Jaime and Rachel all bring something special too.

    CHG has a wonderful weekly schedule, with three recipes a week (one of them vegetarian). I love that the recipes are always doable, with a focus on the three things in the blog’s title: nutrition, affordability, and taste. Kris’s recent post on how to make 17 meals out of one chicken for less than $26 is a perfect example of what I love about CHG.

    Kris’s weekly articles are also awesome. She pulls together sound advice, as in Recession-Proofing Your Diet: Food Strategies for a New Economy. She tackles difficult issues, like the unrealistic images in women’s magazines and food and politics. And have I mentioned that she’s a great writer?

    So head over to CHG, check out today’s recipe, and if you need a launching pad, check out Kris’s “getting started at CHG” post.


    1. Kristy @ Master Your Card says:

      I hadn’t heard of this site before, but the post on 17 ways to use one chicken caught my attention. I eat a lot of chicken, so being able to make that many meals out of one chicken is amazing. Usually I buy the frozen chicken breasts in a bag. I get nine pieces for $10-11. With Kristen’s list, I can spend $26 and get 17 dishes. I think her’s is definitely the better value! Thanks for pointing this out for me!

    2. AH! Cathy! Thank you so much! I super appreciate the kind words. And I love your blog, too. 🙂