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  • Ebates Not Issuing All "Big Fat Checks"

    Ebates is a shopping portal that gives you cash back for each purchase you make through them. They issue a “Big Fat Check” for your cash back each quarter, and the last payment was due on February 15. And I got my payment just fine. But apparently Ebates is having trouble collecting the money it’s due from various merchants, because they posted a message on their blog today reassuring members that if they haven’t received their Big Fat Check yet, they will. Eventually.


    1. I finally received my payment yesterday, which was only 3 days late, but it had me worried. I’m glad that Ebates finally decided to make some sort of a statement.

    2. I got my payment right on time. I had no idea that they were having problems “collecting” from retailers. That ‘s shady.

    3. My friend received hers 02-17 but I haven’t received mine yet.