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    1. paidtwice says:

      the $5 amazon gift card is no longer available on swagbucks as a prize 🙁


      since you have been a member way longer than me, maybe you know – do they bring prizes back that they take down? or no more amazon at all?

    2. paidtwice says:

      never mind! it is back! and still 45 swagbucks!

      whew I was so sad.

    3. Chief Family Officer says:

      Eek! You had me freaked out there for a moment. Thank goodness it’s back!

    4. I’m new to swagbucks and I can’t figure out how to enter in a code! Please tell me where to click and enter. thanks!

    5. Chief Family Officer says:

      @Laura – Just click on the square that displays how many Swag Bucks you have. It will take you to the “Your Swag Bucks” page, where you can enter the code.