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  • This year’s most expensive colleges

    This is timely, in light of this morning’s post on paying for private university: CampusGrotto has a list of the most expensive colleges for the 2008-2009 school year.

    Here’s the top 10 for tuition only:

    1. Bates College – $43,950
    2. Middlebury College – $42,910
    3. Colby College – $42,730
    4. Union College (NY) – $40,953
    5. Connecticut College – $40,900
    6. George Washington University – $40,392
    7. Vassar College – $39,635
    8. Sarah Lawrence College – $39,450
    9. Bucknell University – $39,434
    10. Colgate University – $39,275

    And here’s the top 10 for tuition plus room and board:

    1. Sarah Lawrence College – $53,166
    2. George Washington University – $50,312
    3. New York University – $50,182
    4. Georgetown University – $49,689
    5. Connecticut College – $49,385
    6. Bates College – $49,350
    7. Johns Hopkins University – $49,278
    8. Skidmore College – $49,266
    9. Scripps College – $49,236
    10. Middlebury College – $49,210

    Here’s a list of the 100 most expensive schools by tuition. And here’s a list of the 100 most expensive schools by total cost.

    In case you were wondering, the school my dentist’s daughter is attending is not in the top 10, but is in the top 25. Yikes!

    Via The Consumerist.


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      Ashley @ SavingYoung

    2. Clean ClutterFree Simple says:

      My alma mater is in the top 25. Yikes! I used to hope that my kids could attend as legacies. They do still have pure need based financial aid, so there’s a chance. Way back when, I had only a small amount in student loans that I was able to pay off just a couple of years out of college.