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  • Surprising things that sell on eBay

    As I mentioned previously, A Full Cup is one of my new resources in The Drugstore Game. While reading posts there, I happened upon this thread, which reports that the following items that people normally throw out actually sell on eBay:

    Who knew?


    1. Oh my goodness…who knew? We go through at least 4 boxes of Capri Suns a week in the summertime. I guess I’ll have to start saving them up and listing them!!! And baby D will be starting solids soon. You’ve just given me some great ideas for adding to our vacation fund. Thanks!

      Life With Five

    2. Fabulously Broke says:

      Uh say WHAT?

      … Holy cow.

    3. Mercedes says:

      Yeah! I am going to have to start saving egg cartons! that’s too funny but you know someone’s trash and someone else’s treasure…

    4. Great tip!

    5. Clean ClutterFree Simple says:

      wow! That’s amazing. I’ve seen those Capri Sun bags on though, and they’re kind of cute. Not my style though.

    6. says:

      We like buying coupons.

      Restaurant Printable Coupons, Freebies and News

    7. Chief Family Officer says:

      @Tara – Come back and tell us how much your items sold for – I’m so curious!

      @Mercedes – You too :)