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  • Earn More MyPoints

    A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed MyPoints, which I have been loving more than ever because I can redeem points for CVS gift cards. And I just love paying nothing out of pocket at CVS! So I thought I’d share a couple more ways of earning points that I’ve recently discovered:

    • – If you print coupons via MyPoints, you’ll earn 10 points for each coupon that you redeem. Combine MyPoints coupons with The Drugstore Game and you’ll rack up extra points quickly.
    • Bzz Agent – I recently joined Bzz Agent, which is a word of mouth marketing company, after learning that their rewards program (“Bzz Perks”) now includes MyPoints. In just a couple of weeks, I’ve earned approximately 100 easy points, and I should earn more as I gain more “status.” I’ll write up a full Bzz Agent review after I’ve been a member for a while.


    1. I’ve belonged to MyPoints for about 9 years now. It’s great that BzzAgent is also participating. I transferred my points from BzzAgent over to MyPoints last month – and it was enough to get $35 in CVS gift cards in that one transfer alone!

    2. I’ve been a BzzAgent for at least a year now, and I love it. I transferred my points and got a $50 CVS gift card and still have lots of points left! BzzAgent has been great fun so far.

    3. Ooh, you’re going to love Bzz. I’ve been doing it about 6 months now, and every time UPS comes to the door the kids get so excited (as do I) to see the free goodies. And my playgroup moms always want to know “what’s new” so it’s an easy program to do. I’m close to a $50 CVS card at MyPoints because of Bzz. Before that, I wasn’t getting far on MyPoints (I still don’t know why).

    4. Chief Family Officer says:

      @Mason – I’m jealous! That’s why I joined :) (Love your picture, by the way!)

      @Megan – Now I’m even more jealous!

      @Gina – So cute about the kids! Great idea about sharing the goodies with your playgroup, too. I’ll probably do something similar, although my playgroup doesn’t get together very often anymore :(