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  • Chief Family Officer’s Third Anniversary Celebration: Giveaway #3 – Gymboree Baby Play Book

    I love books! So I’ll be giving away several books during the anniversary celebration. The first book is a copy of Gymboree Baby Play.

    Gymboree Baby Play contains over 100 activities for babies 0-12 months, organized by age appropriateness. To some of you, this probably sounds silly, but for those of us who didn’t grow up around young children and haven’t really spent any time with babies, a book full of ideas can be a very handy resource!

    To enter, simply leave a comment telling me the thing you love most about babies.

    For an extra chance to win, subscribe to my feed via RSS or email and leave a separate comment telling me you have done so (or that you’re already subscribed).

    The giveaway ends at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 10. I’ll use Random.org to generate a number that corresponds with the winning comment.

    The winner will be announced here on CFO. If I can easily locate the winner’s email address, I will also email the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their copy of Gymboree Baby Play; otherwise a new winner will be randomly selected.

    One entry per type per person. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

    Good luck!


    1. elliekarhan says:

      I win the award for being up this late and reading this, so I’ll take the good ones! The innocence, the smell, the smile on their faces when they wake up (happy) from naps… πŸ™‚

    2. Michelle says:

      I love the way babies smell – and their little fat feet! (at least my babies had little fat feet).

    3. Michelle says:

      And I’ve subscribed on RSS πŸ™‚

    4. Gail Spinks says:

      I love the way my twins look up at me while nursing together…and the way they laugh at small, but significant, interactions.

    5. What I love most about babies is how they smell. I think even their spit smells nice or the sweat between their toes or tightly closed fists. I breathe in my daughter every day, and I’m aware that in ancient Hawaii smelling was a greeting (foreheads together, closed eyes, holding each other’s face and then quick intake of breath), like sharing your spirit… only it wasn’t called smelling… the real word escapes me at the moment.

    6. Fun giveaway! I’d love to have this book–it’ll come in handy around the end of this year πŸ™‚

      I absolutely love a baby’s laughter. It’s so pure and fun. It always makes me laugh, and sometimes cry, because I just love hearing it so much!

    7. And, I’m a subscriber! Have been for a long time πŸ™‚

    8. Rebecca H says:

      What I love about babies are the huge wide-mouth smiles. πŸ˜€

    9. MrsAdams06 says:

      I love the hearty laughs! So cute!


    10. Matt & Heidi says:

      I love the way babies nuzzle up on your shoulder, and when they learn to give kisses! Melts my heart.

      email me at heidisrecipes at hotmail dot com if i’m the winner!

      Thanks! Love your blog.

    11. MoneyDummy says:

      I love the way their bodies are so tiny, but still so marvelously complete.

      And when they finish nursing and their little heads bob up and down as they desperately try to stay awake and look around, but they’re so warm and snuggly in bed with mama, and their little tummies are so full of warm, sweet milk, that they finally give a little sigh and let their heads settle back down onto mama’s chest and fall into the perfect sleep that only babies know.

      Oh, and of course I’m subscribed.

    12. I love to hear my baby giggle, and I love how her pudgy cheeks feel when I kiss them!

    13. I love their chubby cheeks, their toothless smiles, and sweet babbling!

    14. Shannon says:

      I love love love their big gummy smiles.


    15. MoneyDummy says:

      Oh, and I’ve subscribed.

    16. Mercedes says:

      Babies are a true blessing from God. They humble us in many more ways than we can admit. They really teach us what being selfless is all about.

    17. Sarah's Savings says:

      No babies in my house yet (soon enough..) but what a great gift for my first-time preggo sister!

      I love the way a baby feels. So soft. I could stroke their cheeks all afternoon!

    18. marsupial jones says:

      i love how they walk, with arms sort of in the air, like a little orangutan.

    19. marsupial jones says:

      i subscribed to the RSS.

    20. heather says:

      I love them when they are sleeping, with long eyelashes brushing thier cheeks.

    21. How can I pick just one thing? I love the way my three month old gives me these huge, goofy gumy smiles and coos and kicks when he’s happy to see me.

    22. I LOVE watching them grow and learn new things. Their baby smell. Their little fatty rolls. Their hugs too!!


    23. The Mama Hood says:

      I love being a mom! I love squeezing my babies fat checks and they way they smell. I also love how they are so relaxed after I have fed them, it’s nice to know that I am blessed to share such sweet moments with them.

    24. Patricia says:

      OMG I could so use this book. I’m a first-time mom and completely baby clueless!

      The things I love most about babies are the big sloppy kisses and smiles when they wake up in the morning. I also love it when I come home from my work and my son just shakes because he is so excited to see me. I guess he misses me almost as much as I miss him…

    25. I love the look on my son’s face when I come home from work.

    26. melonkelli says:

      The cute kicky feet when I catch her eye!

    27. The adorable toothless smiles!

    28. I like how babies laugh and the sounds of it

    29. I love the way that babies, especially my own children would fit perfectly in the crook of my arm, snuggle in real cozy. Babies are such a blessing.

    30. I added your feed to my gmail blog reader. I am not sure if that counts for subscribing to your feed, but that is how I read my blogs.

    31. Cuddle Cottage says:

      I love their innocence, I love the way they completely give themselves over to sleep when the moment strikes and I love the overwhelming feelings of love they inspire in us!

    32. I”m a subscriber

    33. Tinna Lee says:

      I’m still in awe of my son! to think our best work ever. I love his blue eyes and his soft skin!

    34. Pheobie says:

      I love the way little babies hug your neck and hold on for dear life.

    35. I love they way babies look when they are getting sleepy…my very favorite look! Especially when I’m needing a nap too!

    36. James and Melissa says:

      I love the way babies laugh and smile. I am a suscriber now!

    37. Trheel4vr says:

      I’m not lucky enough to have a baby of my own (yet) but my the thing I love most about my best friend’s little girl is how her face lights up when she sees me. Even after the roughest week at work, her smile makes it all vanish.

    38. The thing I love most about babies is the way they smell

    39. Kristie says:

      I love their laughs and their smiles!

    40. I love the way babies smell. Such sweet goodness.

    41. Cherry Blossoms says:

      I love the way my daughter smells…babies smell like heaven…I also love babies laughs and smiles…nothing can make you happier!

    42. Hm — there are so many things! I love to hear a baby laugh…I love the “baby smell” and I love their wonderment.
      meg (dot) wilson (at) gmail (dot) com

    43. I love that babies are so trusting! They love you unconditionally!

    44. I never really liked babies, but I love mine so much!! He is the best.

    45. felicitouschick says:

      I love ALL of their noises. From the huge farts and burps of teeny-weeny newborns to all of the giggles, squeals, and squeaks of the older set. πŸ™‚ And this is a really great book btw–I’ve checked it out from our library more than once!


    46. how cute i love to try and win this for my little one thanks

    47. I love the baby smell – freshly bathed hair… yummy πŸ™‚

    48. Panjo Kids says:

      I love their facial expressions!

    49. gkstratos says:

      Love that toothless smile πŸ™‚
      gkstratos @yahoo.com

    50. gkstratos says:

      …also a subscriber….