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  • The 29-Day Giving Challenge: Does giving really make you feel good?

    Siel at Green LA Girl posted about the 29-Day Giving Challenge, and I’ve decided to join in too. Here’s what the challenge’s web site has to say about it:

    Commit to give away one item a day for 29 days in a row and share how the experience impacts your life. Why? Because to see the world change, we have to do something to change the world.

    Being a frugal girl, of course I want to do this challenge with minimal damage to my wallet. So this seems like a good time to give away stuff I no longer want/need to better homes.

    I’ll start tomorrow by taking in a big box of baby clothes to a friend at work. She’s expecting a baby boy in a few months and I’ve got some nice outfits that I’m happy to pass on.


    1. Hi. I just wanted to welcome you to the 29-Day Giving Challenge and say thanks for joining us. I hope you enjoy your giving ritual!

    2. Mark Krusen says:

      I’m looking forward to following you on this 30 day Giving challege. I’m glad I’m a subscriber to your email subscription.

    3. Dedicated says:

      I just wanted to say, I am really enjoying your 29-day giving. I am being motivated by how a little can go so far.