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  • The Price of Eggs

    One thing Meredith and I talked about during our interview was the price of eggs. I was shocked to learn that the dozen I bought for $1.19 would go for more than $1.95 in her part of the country.

    Well, when I went to Trader Joe’s this week, I found myself in front of the egg case with two other women. All of us stared at the pricing sign, which now said:



    1. I’ve always wanted to own a chicken. I wonder if they can be house trained…

    2. When I read your previous post, I was just recovering from Trader Joe’s sticker shock myself! Had paid $1.19 for a dozen eggs less than a week earlier and the next time, $1.70 or thereabouts. The dream had ended. I wondered if this was about to happen to you too! What in the world – did the hens just join the union? And alas, even if you decide to raise non-union chickens, it won’t be cheep (oops!).

    3. We’ve started buying cage-free, organic eggs and are paying $3.49/dozen for them in central Maryland. Even “regular” eggs are $1.95/dozen. I’m presuming it’s partly due to the ethanol that uses corn because I think – though I don’t know – that corn is part of what they eat.

    4. Karla (Grace) says:

      I was certainly wondering how you were getting eggs for such a low price. Eggs have been at least $1.90 around here for a LONG time. Organic, free-range eggs run $3.50 per dozen and up. Even the staples are getting out of hand now.

    5. I used to buy organic eggs at TJ’s for 3.29 but I think the price raised to 3.69. I now buy their free range brown eggs for 2.69.

      Not sure if egg prices are jumping everywhere but TJ’s a few months ago decided to stop carrying caged eggs (where the birds are caged) so I think that might account partly for their raised prices.

    6. They’re pushing $2.30 in NYC, with TJ’s going for $1.69 or $1.79. They were $1.40 a year ago. What happened?

    7. I’ve been surprised at how expensive eggs have gotten for us. I used to be able to buy them around $1.00 a couple of years ago. Now unless I find a special, there going for 1.65. Yikes!

    8. Clean ClutterFree Simple says:

      Grocery store price today was $2.69 a dozen! I’m in the NW US, btw. I decided to hold off until I make this week’s Costco run, where I hope I can still get 5 dozen for less than $1.75 a dozen. They were $1.57 the last time I bought eggs at Costco, which was about three weeks ago…

    9. Clean ClutterFree Simple says:

      Oh, and for those pondering chickens. We had them. After paying for the food, the oyster shell mix for extra calcium, we weren’t saving much! And, what a hassle to have to get a chicken sitter. Plus, in an urbanish setting (house, but in a busy area with small lots), not much space for roaming. Chicken poop=smelly!