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  • I cut my hair!

    I did remember to take a photo of my chopped-off ponytail when I got my hair cut last weekend:

    It ended up being just about 10 inches long (a little longer than I’d anticipated, actually), but I sent it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program instead of Locks of Love anyway. I was sure I’d met Pantene’s minimum length requirement of 8 inches, and was afraid that someone at Locks of Love might think barely 10 inches wasn’t good enough.

    It was such a bizarre feeling as the stylist cut the ponytail off and the hair that was still attached to my head fell free. The ponytail itself was a bit creepy – kind of a like dead animal. I sent it in the same day because I just wanted to get rid of it!


    1. So so excited to hear that you are donating your hair to charity!!! Good for you!

    2. Chief Family Officer says:

      Thanks! 😀

    3. It’s a strange feeling to loss the locks, isn’t it? What a great contribution! How’s it feel to be walking around a bit lighter?!

    4. Chief Family Officer says:

      Thanks, Cindy! It feels great – the hardest thing is remembering to squeeze out only half of the amount of shampoo that I needed previously 😀

    5. I’m glad you didn’t choose Locks of Love. See here: