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  • An Assortment of Halloween Links


    To get you ready for Halloween, here are some assorted Halloween links:

    Finally, my own little tip for baby costumes: PAJAMAS. I read this tip somewhere when my son was just a baby, but after I’d already bought him a Superman costume (which Tyler will be wearing this year). Last year, I bought Superman pajamas, and they were more comfortable and just as cute as a real costume (complete with cape), not to mention $7 cheaper. Now that our boy is old enough to prefer Spiderman to Superman, I picked up $12.99 Spiderman pajamas for him to wear this year. They have webbing at the arms, which makes them costume-like, and we won’t have to worry about a mask that he won’t want to wear anyway. Plus they’ll be comfortable and without the silly puffy chest that’s become ubiquitous in boys’ costumes.


    1. Wow, I love those chocolate brains! Thanks for providing the link.

    2. I sooo love Halloween. Great assortment of links you’ve got there, Cathy. Especially those brains. Too delicious looking! And thanks for the link love!

      Hope you’re feeling a little better today!

    3. Hi! I just found your blog today and I think we have a lot in common! I’ll definitely be coming back to read more.

    4. Mr Costumes says:

      Hey there, just wondering if I could get added to the list of Halloween resources?