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  • Disturbing News: Mattel is being investigated for delaying its reports on potentially hazardous toys

    According to BloggingStocks, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Consumer Products Safety Commission is investigating Mattel for failing to “report all claims of potentially hazardous product defects within 24 hours” and that instead of promptly reporting the potential defects, Mattel conducted an internal investigation that lasted several months. Reuters reports that “Mattel openly acknowledges its definition of a timely response differs sharply from the government’s.”

    More disturbing thoughts:


    1. I am wondering what has actually gone wrong in the toy industry. For our children’s safety, it’s scary to think about this. We could blame China for it but it takes two to tango.

    2. Chief Family Officer says:

      Abel – I know! I am at the point where I am wondering if any toy I give my children is safe. But I definitely don’t blame China – they are what they are, and it’s the company who is actually selling me the toy that’s responsible for making sure it’s safe.

    3. This is so disturbing. I have always believed in the philosophy that a few quality toys are better than a lot of cheap toys. All of these recalls make me even more weary of what I buy for the boys!

    4. Yeah, it’s really sad AND scary. Hopefully only good will come of this and maybe companies in the U.S. will start using U.S.-based labs for testing, painting, building, etc. Sure it’ll cost a ton more, but if a product was stamped with some sort of Quality Control badge on it, wouldn’t you be willing to pay more for safety?

    5. Chief Family Officer says:

      @Andrew – I would absolutely pay more! (Though how much more is a matter of debate.)

    6. Chief Family Officer says:

      @aande – I actually wonder about it every time Tyler puts a toy in his mouth. I try not to give him stuff that’s painted, that at least makes me feel that it is less likely he will actually ingest potentially harmful paint.

    7. I’m not sure what’s going on with the toy industry, but I think the recall wasn’t made by Mattel because actually cared for the safety of their customers. They could have done the checking during the creation of the said toys.

    8. Chief Family Officer says:

      @Danni – I too don’t understand why these problems aren’t caught before the toys hit store shelves. Ugh!

    9. I think their concerns were more on brand popularity than the safety of their costumers.

    10. Chief Family Officer says:

      @Geri – I think you’re right!