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  • Blog Spotlight: No Credit Needed

    As part of the Blog Olympics, I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite blogs. Some of them you might already know and some of them you might not.

    I’ve chosen No Credit Needed as my first blog spotlight simply because I admire NCN so much. He was one of the first debt bloggers and has come a long way. He didn’t just get himself out of debt and into saving in less than a year. He also started the NCN Network to give others a place to track their financial progress, whether it’s debt repayment or savings. It’s also a place to celebrate milestones, something people aren’t always able to do in the “real world.” You don’t have to be a blogger to join, and you can be anonymous.

    What really made me want to bring attention to NCN is his recent post, Introducing the No Credit Needed Notebook. Apparently, NCN is creating a free resource to help others get out debt. The first page, which he’s made available in several formats, is a chart for estimating your debt situation.

    If you’re in debt and you’re not sure how to help yourself, No Credit Needed is a great place to start. And even if debt isn’t an issue for you, you’ll always find something worth reading.