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  • Keep a Few of These in Your Bag


    When Alex turned six months, his pediatrician gave me a bunch of sunscreen samples, which I put into my diaper bag. They’ve come in handy whenever I’ve forgotten to put sunscreen on him before we left the house.

    Unfortunately, I’ve used the last one.

    I tried these sunscreen sticks, but they’re too difficult to apply. It takes a long time to cover an area larger than a couple of square inches, and it’s almost impossible to spread the sunscreen out by hand – especially on a squirmy toddler.

    Fortunately, at a local baby shop last week, I picked up a sample of MD Moms Babysilk sunscreen. The sample was an individually wrapped towelette, which worked beautifully on Saturday, when Alex and Marc stood in the sun watching a demonstration at our local fire station. The sunscreen has a nice light scent and seems to have high quality ingredients. Marc’s sensitive skin didn’t react at all. At $7.50 for a package of 3 towelette singles, it’s a pretty pricy product. But I’m going to pick up a few to keep in my bag.

    If you know of any less expensive options, let me know.


    1. Anonymous says:

      I hear Kiehls gives out free samples of their baby sunscreen. You could try that in a pinch 😉