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  • How To Get That Diamond Now

    Did you know that July and August are the best time to buy jewelry? I’ll bet your honey doesn’t know it either. But it makes sense, because there aren’t any major gift-giving holidays, and people are doing other things besides shopping, like taking vacations. The other times to shop for jewelry are January, after the holiday season, and April, after tax season when stores might need more cash.

    My darling husband has excellent taste, but for some reason, often picks out jewelry that I wouldn’t. I discovered that Blue Nile periodically sends out emails with pictures of their jewelry, and often there’s a piece that catches my attention – at a reasonable price. For example, I liked this $50 silver heart pendant with a pink sapphire, so I emailed the page to my husband using their link and a couple months later, he “surprised” me with it. It works for us, because he gets to give me something he knows I like, and I don’t know I’m getting it til I get it. (I’ve got my eye on a few other more expensive pieces that I haven’t gotten yet. Hint.)

    You could do the same thing with other companies such as Red Envelope. If you’ve had a good experience with a company I haven’t mentioned, please let me know. I could always use more suggestions to forward to my husband!